Whenever I Wear This Fragrance, People Stop Me In The Street

If you’ve shopped for fragrance at Adore Beauty recently, you may have discovered a little something called The Scent Room – a little brainchild of mine, born from my own personal love of luxury fragrance.

I like to think of it as an all-encompassing destination for women (and men) to find their perfect scent (albeit, without actually smelling it first). As it turns out, I must’ve found my match already because nearly every time I wear my favourite perfume, someone asks me about it.

Just recently, I walked into a designer boutique on High Street in Malvern, and the sales assistant immediately stopped me, “you smell amazing – so fresh!” she said, “what is that?!” I smile and tell her it’s Not A Perfume by Juliette Has A Gun.

What Makes This Fragrance Unique:

This fragrance has become my first choice every morning not only because of the number of compliments I receive when I wear it, but also because my fragrance-sensitive partner loves it (and it’s one of the few he doesn’t react badly to).

I know pregnant women also find it particularly challenging to wear fragrances without being overly sensitive to them, and Not A Perfume is definitely one they can wear, as it’s what’s called a “molecule fragrance”.

– It has a light, clean scent with soft notes of musk & amber

– Contains a molecule called Ambroxan which adjusts to your own skin chemistry

– Ambroxan can enhance the base & middle notes of layered fragrances

– This perfume features a soft sillage which means it sits very close to the skin

– Not A Perfume smells different on everyone so it’s like having your own scent

– I use it as a daily fragrance & to amp up other perfumes for evening wear

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The Options:

I purchased the full size 100ml bottle because I wear this fragrance every day on its own and I am very generous with my sprays – mainly so I don’t need to re-apply and smell amazing all day.

If you can’t quite commit yet, we also have a travel size 7.5ml spray option at $39, which is perfect for your handbag (I’ve got one stowed away in mine for emergencies), and we also have the Juliette Has A Gun Discovery Box which allows you to sample everything before you commit to a full size.

The best part about purchasing your fragrance via The Scent Room, is that when you purchase a full-size perfume, you receive a free sample vial to try before you open it, so if it’s not love at first smell, you can send it back!

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The Reviews:

★★★★★ You’ll definitely fall in love with it – Fayeza

“As a lover of soft, almost nonexistent scents or as I put it ‘perfume without perfume’, this scent was my desires in a bottle. It has this beautifully soft, elegant smell that keeps you sniffing for more. It’s a muted floral scent which does not overpower you at the least. This is my #1 perfume scent for several years and I always come back to it.”

★★★★★ I absolutely love this fragrance – Kylie

“It is so simple, yet refreshing. The scent is very subtle, but almost every time I wear it in public I get a ‘wow, you smell good!’ It is a pricier fragrance, but totally worth it. The scent is long lasting and has even stayed in my scarves for weeks at a time. Love this product.”

★★★★★ Definitely recommend – Katie

“Amazing, amazing product. I’m really sensitive when it comes to certain smells and this one doesn’t bother me at all. It smells fresh and is light on the skin. This is one of the only perfumes I LOVE!”


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