What On Earth Is A Curl Bar?

For anyone else who has little to no upper body strength (you should see me try to do a push up), this tool eliminates that classic strained shoulder and wrist you get from trying to curl your own hair.

What I didn’t realise when I cut my hair shorter was that using my wand was going to be even harder. Getting to the hair at the back almost always results in a burnt finger. So, enter Hot Tools 24K Gold Curl Bar.

What Is A Curl Bar?

Well, as you can see, it’s just like your standard curling wand, but on a 90-degree angle. It’s ergonomically designed to ease the strain on your arms and make styling simpler. I’ve now been asking myself why curling wands weren’t all made like this?

– The Curl Bar has a 25mm barrel with a 24K gold surface for even heating

– The digital temperature control dial adjusts from 160° to 230°C 

– Has a timer control from 0-10 seconds to signal when to release each curl

– Reduces strain on shoulders, wrists & elbows while styling

– The sizing of the barrel is ideal for creating tight & loose curls, as well as waves

– It has a 3 metre professional length swivel cable plus worldwide voltage

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How To Use:

You know how both sides always look different when you curl your hair? The best part about the Curl Bar is that it allows you to evenly style on both sides because you don’t have to manoeuvre the tool at multiple different angles like a regular wand. See how it’s used below:

The Reviews:

“I like to reach for this curling wand more than any other hot tool I own. It’s just so easy, and no matter how you hold the wand, it creates waves that are consistently loose and gorgeous. I thought this wand would be intimidating, but using it, I found I really couldn’t screw up.” – Jesa Marie Calaor, Allure

“Just a few days ago, despite having no special occasion, meeting, nor other reason to dress up on my calendar, I took 20 minutes in the morning to use the CurlBar. That’s a true testament to how good this styling tool is. It has finally turned me into a person who actually styles her hair. So far, I’m loving it” – Kristina Rodulpho, Elle

“In terms of combining a more comfortable user experience with subtle techy extras to make the whole process more seamless, it’s one of the more clever curling tongs I’ve tried.” – Ayesha Muttucumaru, Get The Gloss


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