We’ve Made Navigating Ultra Violette’s SPF Range Simple

I’m excited about Ultra Violette, and judging by the way it keeps selling out, lots of other people are too.

Speaking as the (self-appointed) Adore Beauty Skincare Nerd, sunscreen is hard to recommend. We’re brand-agnostic, we have a tonne of brands and products to choose from so it should be easy, right?

Here’s the thing – I won’t recommend a sunscreen I feel lukewarm about. Which is nearly all of them.

Sunscreen Is Boring.

Active skincare products, on the other hand, are fun. When I help people with their skin concerns, often we’ll be chatting about active serums (retinol, vitamin C, etc). When you add the right active ingredient to your skincare routine, it feels good. You’re solving a problem, you’re doing responsible self-care, AND you get to see progress.

Sunscreen, though? Sunscreen doesn’t give overnight results. Unless you count ‘not being sunburnt’. Sunscreen is boring but absolutely necessary. It’s the one skincare product you should love. You should want to apply it every day.

Give Me A Sunscreen To Love!

“The number one product you can use, which WILL keep you looking young, is a great sunscreen used correctly.”

Sunscreen is the foundation of a top-tier skincare routine.

If you’re not using the right sunscreen correctly, you might be better off not using your active products. That active retinol you love? I would literally advise you toss it if you’re patchy with your sun care. (I’m ESPECIALLY talking to the lucky owners of this $400 night cream that keeps selling out).

Gonna come right out and say this: if all my product vanished and I had to start over? Sunscreen comes first. Yeah that’s a boring answer, but sunscreen is amazing and I will not be silenced.

Do yourself a favour – if you’re going to treat yo’self to a face peel, also treat yo’self to a nice sunscreen.

How To Choose An Ultra Violette Sunscreen:

I’m hyped that Ultra Violette is here, because Ultra Violette gets it. FINALLY. SOMEONE GETS IT. Other sunscreen, take notes!

It feels nice on the skin, looks nice on my bathroom counter, works great with makeup, doesn’t look ashy or ghostly (even on deeper skin tones), it’s free from reef-killing oxybenzone, it’s cruelty-free AND it’s Aussie made and owned *deeply inhales*.

Sunscreen isn’t just about matching your skin type, it’s also about the right finish. And lucky for us, Ultra Violette has come through with the goods in the form of three different formulas – so keep scrolling to find your match.

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1. Mature, dry, or normal to dry

Lucky you! You’ve got two options – choose your preferred finish below:

I want a healthy, radiant finish

You need Queen Screen.

This is the one that keeps selling out – no wonder really. It has the benefits of an anti-ageing serum, and it feels like a serum on the skin. This sunscreen is oil-free but leaves a luminous, comfortable finish.

I want to replace my moisturiser & a natural finish

Supreme Screen is for you.

I love this sunscreen! Compared to Queen Screen, Supreme Screen is less rich, and feels more like a traditional face moisturiser. It still has the same anti-ageing ingredients though!

2. Combination, or normal to oily

I want a natural satin to matte finish

You NEED Clean Screen.

It feels like not wearing sunscreen, in a zinc-based mineral formula – so not only will it not break you out, but will help heal blemishes.

3. Sensitive, or reactive to sunscreen

Wondering what I’m using lately? Ultra Violette Clean Screen is awesome for sensitive or reactive skin types. Clean Screen is a mineral physical sunscreen that is super gentle, super lightweight, and is neither greasy nor ghostly.

Sensitive, on the dry or dehydrated side

You’ll love the Ultra Violette Clean Screen, but you’ll find it’s not enough to use on its own. I recommend The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid – it won’t break the bank, works like a dream, plus it will bump up your cart to free express shipping…

Sensitive, on the oily to combination side

Use Ultra Violette Clean Screen neat! You’ll find it acts like a satiny primer throughout the day. Lovely.

Still not sure, or can’t work out your best match? Hit us up on Instagram, or have a chat with our lovely and equally knowledgable customer service team on site.


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