Weleda explains – How to look after sensitive skin, the organic way

Do you find that your complexion reacts easily to mainstream skincare, specific ingredients, or weather/hormonal changes? After reading all about sensitive skin here, follow these simple pointers from organic experts, Weleda, about how to properly care for your condition without compromising on results.

My skin is really sensitive – what Weleda products/treatments should I look out for?

The Weleda Almond Sensitive Skin Body Care and Soothing Facial Care ranges are specifically formulated for sensitive and irritable skin. Created using few, carefully selected key ingredients, it calms and gently cares for the skin and helps to restore the skin’s natural balance from head to toe.

Are there any ingredients/products to avoid?

Sensitive skin types should be wary of any fragranced products, even though natural fragrances are made up of natural essential oils, some of these substances can still be too stimulating for a sensitive skin. Generally speaking natural skincare is better tolerated by sensitive skin types.

How is Weleda different to other brands in terms of caring for sensitive skin?

Weleda addresses the needs of sensitive skin holistically. Our Almond range gently calms and encompasses sensitive skin like a protective shell and balances the mind and soul with the delicate scent of organic almond essential oil.

What causes sensitive skin?

As many as 50% of women describe their skin as sensitive and numbers are on the rise. The skin is the reflection of our soul – mirroring physical and psychological wellbeing. Stress and worry, medications, food intolerances, hay fever and environmental influences are just some of the factors disturbing the skin’s healthy balance. When skin becomes irritated and over-reactive, is prone to dryness and redness, rough, flaky and feels uncomfortable we often call it sensitive skin.

Do you have any other tips  for looking after skin with rosacea, irritation, allergies, flaking, etc?

If you suffer from sensitive skin you might want to reduce the number of skincare products you use, keeping to a simple all natural routine. Do be aware that allergies or sensitivities can build up slowly over years. Therefore a product you’ve used for a couple of years could well be the culprit for your red, itchy skin.

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