Trending: What Can Charcoal Do To Your Skin?

It’s the latest ‘it’ ingredient in skincare right now, but what’s so good about charcoal, and why is it suddenly so popular?

What You Need To Know About Charcoal

More specifically, activated charcoal. It’s not new – in fact, it’s been around for many years, but it’s caught the attention of the skincare world, and is even making its way into toothpaste!?

When activated charcoal is used in skincare, the idea is that the carbon component acts like a magnet to attract and absorb dirt and oil, which is why we’re now seeing a lot of masks on the market containing activated charcoal. I mean, who doesn’t want dirt and oil vacuumed out of their pores?


How Can Charcoal Improve My Skin?

You’ll usually find activated charcoal in skincare masks and treatments. Depending on the product, you can see the following benefits:

– It can reduce the appearance of enlarged pores by clearing out oil & dirt

– It can help to balance excess oil production

– Reduces the occurrence of acne by drawing out bacteria

– Leaves the skin feeling smooth and clean

I’ve been dabbling in charcoal masks myself, and here are my top product suggestions if you want to try it for yourself!

For Dry, Dull Skin:

Try: philosophy the microdelivery detoxifying oxygen peel

This 2-step peel purifies and detoxifies, while also giving your skin the brightening effect of an oxygen facial.

– Activated charcoal draws out dirt and impurities from the skin

– The second step re-energises the skin with a boost of oxygen

– Skin is left smooth, soft and hydrated

– The complexion looks clearer and brighter

★★★★★ Amazing!

“Can’t say enough about this product. It’s cleared up persistent tiny acne bumps on my cheeks and made them completely disappear. My skin is clear and bright now. I use it twice a week. Total philosophy convert!!”

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For Problematic, Acne-Prone Skin:

Try: Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue Mask

Suitable for all skin types (but in my opinion, amazing for acne-prone skin), this mask is an all-in-one solution for redness, inflammation and breakouts.

– Detoxifies and invigorates the skin

– Soothes inflammations and nourishes skin

– Niacinamide calms & hydrates

– Refines skin texture for a smoother, more even complexion

★★★★★ Love this  Elizabeth

“This a great detox for the skin. If I feel like I’m getting a pimple or feeling blah I just pop this on for ten minutes and pimples seem to start to disappear and my skin is exfoliated, glowing and smooth! Best of all it doesn’t seem to dehydrate my skin and it does the opposite to breaking me out! It really is a great mask!”

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For Sensitive & Ageing Skin:

Try: Cosmedix Detox Activated Charcoal Mask

Targeting the effects of free radical damage that can lead to accelerated signs of ageing, this mask combines everything you want in your charcoal mask.

– Kaolin Clay based formula that gently exfoliates skin

– Draws out impurities and effectively cleanses away pollutants

– Visibly brightens the skin for a more radiant complexion

– Also great for those with sensitive skin and congested pores

Tip: When you apply this mask, firstly rub into the skin like an exfoliatating scrub, using a circular massage motion, before leaving it to sit on the skin for 10-15 minutes.

★★★★★ Detox – Shanthi

“I used this mask twice in one week and the name lives up to the results! My skin went through a much needed detox, which meant any impurities that were hidden in my pores came to the surface. If you have problematic skin like I do, you may notice a breakout before your skin clears up, which is perfectly normal. The texture is smooth and after the recommended 10-15 minutes, this mask doesn’t dry and crack like some clay masks, so it’s perfect for sensitive skin.”

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