This Supermodel’s Favourite Moisturiser Is More Affordable Than You’d Think

She’s one of the most recognisable supermodels on the planet right now, having appeared on America’s Next Top Model, countless international runways, and in the most recent Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

Yet despite Winnie Harlow‘s celebrity status, her skincare regime doesn’t amount to a regular person’s annual salary like some A-listers. In fact, her go-to moisturiser is under $40.

Tell Me More:

Winnie told Vogue, “I try to keep my skincare routine very simple and don’t put too much on my face. I love Eau Thermale Avène’s Skin Recovery Cream. It’s the only one I’ve used which doesn’t make me break me out and completely calms down my skin.”

– It’s ideal for soothing irritated & sensitive skin

– Formulated with the fewest ingredients possible to minimise reactions

– This cream calms inflammation, redness, and irritation instantly.

– Packed with rich, nourishing ingredients to hydrate & strengthen the skin

– Restores the skin’s natural moisture barrier, preventing water loss and dehydration

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Why Is Our Moisture Barrier So Important?

To understand your skin and learn how to treat it accordingly, it’s really important to understand the inner workings of our skin’s natural moisture barrier.

Our moisture barrier is the outermost layer of the epidermis, which protects skin from moisture loss, environmental damage, and microbial invasion (which can lead to irritation and infection).

Keeping the moisture barrier healthy and functional is vital to optimal skin health. An impaired barrier can increase the occurence of sensitivity and irritation – Avène’s Skin Recovery Cream is a great product for restoring and supporting your skin’s moisture barrier.

The Reviews:

★★★★★ A must for sensitive skin! – Coco

“If you have irritable, sensitive skin that breaks out or (worse!) has allergic reactions to perfumed creams, this is the one for you. It does not irritate skin and keeps you hydrated and perfectly balanced. Good to use under makeup as well.”

★★★★★ Best face cream I’ve ever used – Leonie

“It is the first moisturiser I have ever used that 1) doesn’t aggravate my skin in any way, 2) calms it & minimises the redness & bumps SO well, and 3) keeps my skin hydrated like no other product I have ever used before. I plan on buying this moisturiser & this one only for the rest of my life.”

★★★★★ Amazing! – Jane

“Had my doubts but this is amazing for my dehydrated and oily skin! This is a total godsend! It calms and protects the skin and retains moisture from any serums you use before, leaving the skin smooth and plump!. It doesn’t leave you too shiny or greasy and it the perfect makeup base. Buy the tube and never look back!”


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