This Spray Is The Only Thing Your Hair Needs This Summer

Summer in Australia is all fun and games until you get third degree sunburn or try to walk across the road barefoot on a 40°C day.

This climate we live in is harsh, and most of us protect our skin accordingly – but what about our hair? It gets ravaged by the sun, parched by salt water and damaged by chlorine, so what can you use to shield it from the elements?

Say hello to your summer hair saviour: Klorane Protective Oil With Ylang-Ylang.


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Why It’s A Summer Essential:

For under $20, this lightweight multi-purpose spray oil helps to protect your tresses from the drying and damaging effects that accompany the warmer months, leaving your hair smooth, soft and hydrated.

– It prevents colour fading while deeply nourishing the hair

– Has a weightless texture with a water-resistant formula (perfect for beach days)

– Protects against damage caused by exposure to the sun, salt water & chlorine

– It can be used on damp or dry hair before, during or after sun exposure

– Offers suitable protection for both natural & coloured hair

– Beautifully fragranced with a creamy coconut milk & ylang-ylang scent

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What’s In It?

The vegan-friendly formula of Klorane’s Protective Oil contains Ylang-Ylang Wax, rich in essential fatty acids, which forms a shield to help protect and nourish the hair fiber. Sunflower and Castor Seed Oils work together to smooth, protect and hydrate the hair, while Vitamin E offers antioxidant protection against environmental damage.

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What’s Everyone Saying?

★★★★★ I will use this forever! – Megan

“The first time I put it on I fell instantly IN LOVE. My hair is dry due to mild scalp psoriasis and highlighting. Because of the scalp issues my hair has just been so dry and I have hated it. After I used this once my hair felt like it was back to it old self. It was smooth soft and no longer felt dry with flyaways. It’s like it helped replace what having no natural oil took away. So glad I tried it.”

★★★★★ Who doesn’t need sun protection?! – Pamilla

“I love this oil’s scent, it’s so pretty. Definitely perfect for summer, but even more is the benefits of this protective oil. All the things we need protection from when hanging out in the sun or on the beach. Makes my hair really soft and shiny too!”

★★★★★ Wonderful product – Jessica

“This is that product that everyone is missing from their hair routine! It’s a high quality product that takes five seconds to apply, but makes a difference for years to come! Definitely recommend to anyone that isn’t using a product to protect their hair from the sun.”

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