This Jelly Highlighter Is A Beauty Gamechanger

Joanna Fleming

My favourite part about being in the beauty industry is that it’s ever-changing. I’m never bored of it. There are always new trends popping up – a prime example being jelly highlighters.

I thought we’d reached capacity at pressed, cream and liquid, but apparently there’s room for one more highlighter formula, which brings me to INC.redible You Glow Girl Iridescent Jelly Highlighter.

Tell Me More:

The You Glow Girl Jelly Highlighter is best described as a glassy sheen, in a jar. This best-seller is hard to get your hands on at the best of times, thanks to its increasing popularity and 20 dollar price tag.

– This formula has a lightweight melting gel texture

– The iridescent jelly features a very fine, light-catching shimmer

– It can be used over, under or without makeup

– The shades have a holographic effect on the skin in different light

– Easy to apply, blend out & customise

– Feels smooth & comfortable even on dry, sensitive skin types

– There are four versatile, statement shades available

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How Can It Be Used?

How can’t it be used is the question. You can use INC.redible You Glow Girl Iridescent Jelly Highlighter as a highlighter by itself, or you can consider it a highlighter topper. Try a shade that has a different toned iridescence to your cream or powder highlight for a look that seriously pops.

Using fingertips, a fluffy brush or even a sponge, you can apply this highlighter to your cheekbones, eyes, Cupid’s bow, collarbones, shoulders – actually, anywhere really. The formula is easy to sheer out or build up, depending on your preference.

The Shades:

Cosmic Blur: An opalescent, sheer formula with shimmers of purple when it hits the light. This one is subtle if you want it to be, or blinding if you layer it on.

Show Glow: A deep gold-bronze shade with a fine glitter pigments that gives the skin a glowing, sunkissed look. Also makes for a beautiful eyeshadow.

Flocking Fabulous: A pink-toned shade with a slight light violet iridescence in the light. It can double as a blush shade if you want it to.

Peach Out: A warm apricot shade with a slight pink shift to it. The perfect addition to a glowy makeup look.

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What’s Everyone Saying?

★★★★★ I love this product so much – Cynthia

“I use Cosmic Blur when I want to feel a little “celestial” – I like to use it as a highlighter on my cheekbones, brow, and a little dot on the tip of my nose. It’s quite pigmented, and gives a light violet glow that’s not too overpowering. The texture is light, not sticky and easy to apply.”

★★★★★ Such a unique formula – Janine

“It’s super jelly without being super crumbly ! This highlighter is super wet looking and feels wet although it’s not sticky at all. It can be used on the cheeks, eyes and even lips to give your lip colour a unique top coat! I love laying this down just before I set my face with powder after foundation, this really makes my highlighter pop so much!”

★★★★★ Totally in love – Imane

“I am totally in love with this product, my new favourite highlight. So light to touch and spreads so evenly over my skin, and is super glowy. Its a multi-versatile product which is even better for the incredible price! Love love love!”

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Joanna Fleming

Joanna Fleming

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Joanna Fleming