This Is What A Sleep Expert’s Bedtime Routine Looks Like

This article has been guest written by qualified sleep specialist, Olivia Arezzolo. Find more of her sleep tips on Instagram here.

Beauty sleep – it’s no myth. Collagen is key to that smooth, supple and luminous skin we all love and adore (yes, pun intended). And guess what? Collagen is synthesised in deep sleep, so it’s vital to learn how to unwind in the evening so you plunge straight into the juicy stuff.

That’s what brings me here. I’m giving you my top tips to teach you how to get the best sleep of your life – tried and tested by yours truly.



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Trigger yourself to switch off from social

Remember that you’re human and will get caught up in a late night Instagram scroll (because that’s what us millennials do, after all). Rather than berate yourself for doing so, set an alarm for a reasonable time for when you’ll get off devices (including laptops, phones and TV) and stick with it. The following activities are subsequent to the alarm, so don’t worry – you’ll have plenty to keep yourself occupied.

Have a shower

Break up the evening and make it clear you’re moving into your bedtime rituals by dowsing yourself in a lukewarm shower. Evidence indicates a bath or shower promotes feelings of sleepiness. Specifically, the drop in core body temperature as you emerge from the shower/bath into a cooler bathroom encourages the release of the sleepiness hormone, melatonin.

Set the scene

Prep your pillow with a lavender-infused spray, like L’Occitane Pillow Mist. Clinical trials pinpoint the aroma as effective for reducing anxiety by approximately 20%, which is perfect for anyone who has a busy mind and is unable to “switch off”.

Enjoy a cuppa

With a similar effect in the brain as sleeping pills (as noted in this research here), ingredients such as chamomile are proven to help your mind feel more tranquil – so if you thought you were imagining it, you’re not! I love Edible Beauty No 3 – Sleeping Beauty tea – it’s organic, and not only does it feature chamomile, but also passionflower, lemon balm and hops – ingredients which have a positive impact upon you falling asleep, staying asleep and waking up feeling more refreshed. Yes, yes, yes!

Take a mindful minute (or 10)

As backed by science, meditation doesn’t just help with anxiety, deep sleep, insomnia, pain – it even helps your body produce more melatonin (remember, that’s the hormone to make you sleepy). Neurologically changing the structures within the brain, meditation lessens the impact of stress upon the other areas of your brain – in essence, it protects you from becoming so wound up or exhausted. Not only does it help you unwind at the time, but over time, supports you becoming a more calm and relaxed person.

The Facts:

It’s critical to note that reducing anxiety and stress can be enhanced by these physiological methods, like a tea or a shower – not just mindfulness techniques like meditation.

Both approaches, mental and physical, are helpful. So make sure you’re doing all you can – not just for your sleep, but for your sense of wellbeing too. To make sure you keep doing these actions (and that they’re not forgotten by next week), join me on Instagram. I’ll prompt you to make change and achieve the results you want, like that deep, restorative sleep you deserve – each and every night. Enjoy, and I’ll see you over on the ‘gram.


Olivia is a sleep specialist based in Sydney. Her qualifications include a Bachelor of Social Science – Psychology; Certificate of Sleep Psychology; Diploma of Health Science – Nutritional Medicine and Certificate 4 in Fitness.


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