This Is The Fastest Shortcut To Natural-Looking Fluffy Brows

I was never one for the “Instagram brow” trend that hit our feeds back in 2014/15. You know, those heavily drawn on brows defined even further by a thick layer of concealer? I’m pretty glad that trend has made its way out.

What replaced the Instagram brow was a trend I do approve of: the brushed up fluffy brow. Only thing is, a lot of us butchered our eyebrows in the 90s, so the term fluffy isn’t exactly applicable for some.

How To Fake Fuller Brows:

Despite plucking my eyebrows incessantly throughout high school, I managed to fully grow them back (after a 5 month ‘growing out’ phase which nearly broke me). Sadly for some, the damage was irreversable.

In that instance, how do we create the illusion of full, fluffy brows? The answer is Napoleon Perdis Wand-er Brow and Benefit Precisely, My Brow Pencil.

1. Use the spoolie end of your Benefit pencil to brush the brow hairs upwards to expose any sparse areas

2. Use your Benefit pencil to create hair-like strokes through gappy areas, lightly defining underneath the front of the brow and the arches as well

3. Brush Wand-er Brow through the brow hairs using upward strokes – this not only makes the brows look fluffier and fuller, but also lifts the whole eye area.

I’m telling you, Wand-er Brow is SO underrated. This sh*t holds everything in place, so it’s a dream for both sparse and unruly brows.

More About Wand-er Brow:

Easily the strongest-holding brow gel formula I’ve ever used, Wand-er Brow mimics a similar effect to the ‘soap brows‘ technique – oh, and it can double as a mascara.

– Available in three shades: clear, blonde & brunette

– It has a waxy texture which brushes easily through the brows & then sets

– A great tool for defining & shaping the brows (especially for beginners)

– The formula contains Vitamins C + E which condition & strengthen brow hairs

– Ideal for taming naturally fuller & unruly brows (they won’t budge!)

– The built-in wand applicator disperses the product well through the brows

– All shades can also be used as a mascara

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