This Is How I Finally Combatted Frizzy Hair

Remember that Friends episode “The One in Barbados”? Yep, the one where Monica gets her hair braided to combat her frizz in the Caribbean humidity.

Funny, right? Well, not so funny if this actually happened to you in real life.

To give you some context, I was 18 on my first overseas trip to Thailand without my parents, and I had the ingenious idea to get my hair braided. I reasoned that anything was better than my frizzy lion’s mane – desperate times call for desperate measures (and we all make mistakes, please don’t judge me).

A Bit Of Background…

This was not my only attempt at managing my holiday hair in very questionable ways. When I was 20, I spent two months travelling through South America. As soon as we got to Brazil, my hair was a big, fat, boofy mess. So I marched myself off to the local hair salon and signalled to the hairstylist, in my non-existent Portuguese, that I wanted it permanently straightened. Three hours later (and smelling of formaldehyde), I walked out with poker-straight hair. Hurray!

My hair, inevitably, fell out rather soon after returning to Australia and I ended up with a (very sleek) reverse mullet. Unlike the regrettable tattoo I also got in Brazil, thankfully this decision wasn’t permanent. My hair eventually grew back.

Many years, and many hair mistakes later, I want to share some wisdom with you.

My Top 3 Tips For Frizzy-Haired Friends:

TIP 1: Cut it off.

I can’t stress this tip enough. Just. Do. It. I clung to my long hair because I thought mermaid hair was really sexy. Not so sexy is dirty, greasy hair tied permanently in a bun because you’re too lazy to wash and straighten it. Seriously, cut the dead weight!

TIP 2: Don’t travel without a hair straightener

I’m ashamed to admit that I got my hair chemically straightened more than once overseas. Remember, this was an era before compact ghd straighteners. I couldn’t very well lug my Muster hair straightener in my backpack! The ghd platinum+ is my styler of choice – it effortlessly smooths my curls and flattens frizz in minutes.

TIP 3: Invest in quality products that work

I’ve struggled to find products that actually work on my hair but after a lot of trial and error, I’ve become a big fan of Aveda. I use their Damage Remedy Shampoo & Conditioner, which is more than I would usually like to spend, but honestly, it’s worth it.

Aveda’s Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother is my holy grail of hair products when it comes to styling because it makes the whole process faster and easier. It has cut my straightening time down from 60 to 5 minutes, defends against humidity for up to 12 hours, and protects against surface damage from heat styling.

★★★★★ Must-have product – Rosie

“I initially received a sample of this to try and after I used the very small amount I had to buy it!. I am prone to flyaways and frizziness, especially living in the tropics however this product has fixed those problems.”

★★★★★ Another great Aveda product! – Kellee

“This product is a game changer for my naturally wavy, prone to frizziness, hair. It’s light, smells great and leaves my hair shiny and definitely less frizzy when the humidity normally wreaks havoc on my hair.”

★★★★★ Lovely – Beauty Bee

“The Style-Prep Smoother prevents frizz and it’s smoothing quality leaves hair looking shiny and healthy. It makes blowdrying easy and I find my hair feels ‘protected’. Also has a light herbal scent.”

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