This Foundation Contains SPF50…And It’s Actually Good

I know people can get scared off by foundations that contain SPF, but as I sit here writing this article in 44 degree heat, I’d like to remind you that your concerns should be less about flashback, and more about sun protection.

After all, if you’re not wearing your SPF foundation at night in front of a camera flash, we won’t have an issue. And when it comes to Ella Baché’s Suncover Great SPF50 Foundation, I can also assure you this is one of the best high protection formulas going around.

What You Need To Know:

– Ella Baché’s Suncover Great SPF50 Foundation has a light-medium coverage

– Hydrates, protects & promotes an even complexion with its light-diffusing formula

– It has a natural, dewy finish which helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines

– Protects skin against harmful UVA/UVB damage thanks to its SPF50 rating

– Enriched with antioxidant Green Tea to help combat free radical damage

– Has a creamy, blendable texture that melts into the skin leaving it hydrated & glowing

– Jojoba & Lanolin protect, moisturise & comfort the skin

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The Shades:

Usually when reviewing a foundation, I’d expect there to be an extensive shade range of at least 20+ shades, but on this occasion I’m happy to excuse the fact that Ella Baché’s Suncover Great SPF50 Foundation is currently only available in four shades – cream beige, light beige, medium beige and dark beige. Yep, that’s a lot of beige.

I know how tricky it is to formulate products with such a high SPF and still have them turn out as they should, so kudos to Ella Baché for being able to formulate such a nice foundation that caters to Aussie conditions. Fingers crossed we see some more shades in the future.

The Verdict:

I’ll be honest with you, I wasn’t expecting to love this product. When I first swatched it on my hand, I thought for sure that it’d be too thick for me.

But I was proven wrong. The formula actually glided on much smoother than I expected, and as I buffed it in with my Expert Face Brush, it gave my skin a naturally dewy, healthy-looking finish which is exactly what I look for in a foundation. It was also easily buildable in areas I wanted more coverage.

With the added bonus of broad-spectrum sun protection, surprisingly it doesn’t feel heavy or greasy on the skin, plus it has a pleasant (only slightly sunscreen-y) smell.

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