The Ultimate Guide to: Cleansing For Men

What’s your definition of ‘washing your face’? I have a suspicion that for some of you [insert: men], washing your face means just a splash of water in the morning. As a skincare junkie, this makes me cringe – but I get it, who can be bothered with a complicated skincare routine?

Whilst women may have an extra layer of makeup to cleanse off, men still accumulate dirt, grime, pollution and excess oils on their skin, so water alone just can’t do an effective job.

All these substances on our skin can cause premature ageing such as fine lines and age spots, and leave skin feeling dehydrated and prone to blemishes. So by cleansing morning and evening, skin is kept clean, clear and youthful. Plus, cleansing can reduce ingrown hairs, bumps and rashes caused by shaving.


What should you look for in a cleanser?

Sensitive skin:

If you’re prone to sensitivity, especially after shaving, look for a cleanser with soothing ingredients like Aloe Vera. A cleanser designed for sensitive skin will help to calm any irritation.

Acne-prone skin:

For those of you prone to blemishes, you want something to calm redness and irritation, whilst rebalancing your oil levels. 

Dry skin:

If you have dry skin, your cleanser should be full of nourishing ingredients which aren’t going to strip away any oils, and will help to keep the skin as hydrated as possible.

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To weigh in on some of our most popular cleansers, our nearest and dearest have been kindly trialling a variety of cleansers to see which they like best. Let’s take a look at which cleansers won our men’s hearts.

Nick recommends: Alpha-H Triple Action Cleanser

“I use this cleanser daily in my morning shower and have found it leaves my face feeling fresh and clean and my skin soft and moist. I like that there is a little foaming, it is not oily nor is there an overpowering aroma and it is easy to wash off. As a bonus the packaging looks good on my bathroom shelf!”

– Great for blemish-prone skin as it helps to rebalance oil levels

– Enriched with Aloe Vera to moisturise and soothe skin so is perfect for sensitive skin

– Includes Cucumber Extract to refresh and cool complexions

– Not the best choice for dry skin types

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Jason recommends: Clinique For Men Charcoal Face Wash

“I am a simple person, I like things that don’t have too many steps and are easy to understand. That is why I was immediately drawn to Clinique’s Mens range. The somewhat plain packaging appealed to me, and as an added bonus the product worked great! Out of all the facial cleansers I have tried, this product washed the dirt and dust from my face the quickest. Without leaving my skin feeling dry or sensitive. The face wash has a very neutral smell, that was pleasant without being overpowering. I was very impressed by this one.”

– Particularly good for dry skin types

– Leaves skin feeling comfortable and soft

– Removes dirt and grime whilst softening beards

– Light fragrance

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Joel recommends: asap daily facial cleanser

“This cleanser is both revitalising and thorough. It easily refreshes my face everyday, especially after a hard day at work. My skin feels nourished, it looks brighter and feels clean. I usually apply a moisturiser after washing my face but after using this product I don’t feel the need to use anything, because it doesn’t dry out my skin. It’s been 2 weeks since I have started using this product and I can see my skin improving already. I will definitely repurchase this.”

– Suitable for all skin types

– Contains glycolic acid so there’s no need for an additional toner

– Non-drying and non-irritation formula

– Fragrance-free

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Kyle recommends: asap Gentle Cleansing Gel

“Recently I’ve been getting break outs on my forehead from wearing a beanie. I was given this cleanser, which helps assist with diminishing my blemishes. I’m not a regular skin care user and was surprised with the results. It’s an easy product to use, and it’s soothing on the skin. As the name suggests it’s very gentle on the skin, and won’t sting your eyes. Only takes a minute in the shower to rinse my face, and my skin feels soft!”

– Good for all skin types, particularly sensitive skin

– Uses antioxidant White Tea to protect skin from free radical damage

– Retains natural moisturise levels

– Soothes skin with Aloe Vera

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