The Hero Product Of MBFWA Is A Dream For Fine Hair

You learn a lot backstage at Fashion Week. Firstly, that you’re in the way most of the time, and secondly, that runway hair is usually much simpler than you think it’d be.

With a strong 70’s vibe translated in the graphic prints and bold colours of Bec + Bridge’s newest collection, the same theme was replicated with the hair, in the form of modernised beachy waves.

Getting The Look:

Redken Hair Director, Richard Kavanagh explained how this “effortless, undone” look was created.

Redken All Soft Argan-6 Multi-Care Oil was used at the roots to control volume and the wave is created by plaiting the hair in nine sections.”

The stylists then used a flat iron to heat each plait, cementing the soft wave. For those of you playing at home, you don’t need to apply the heat if you’re sleeping in plaits or braids overnight. And you can loosen the plaits to create an even softer wave.

“Following this, the Redken Dry Shampoo Powder 02 was used through the mid-lengths and ends to create a light flyaway – this is the hero product to create that effortless, undone look. Finish with Redken Triple Dry 15 Dry Texture Spray“.

The Hero Product:

Dry shampoo is a hero product in most of our lives on a daily basis, but in this case, Redken’s Dry Shampoo Powder 02 is a hero in more ways than one.

The difference? Not only does this non-aerosol powder contain oil-absorbing charcoal, but it also provides control and volume, making it the perfect option for finer hair types.

– The purifying properties of charcoal absorb oil & impurities to refresh the hair

– It’s a talc-free loose powder, packaged in an easy-to-use, travel-friendly bottle

– It’s a lightweight formula that gives fine hair a slight root lift & added body

– Leaves the hair feeling fresher, without powdery residue being left behind

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The Verdict?

I’ve been using both the Dry Shampoo Powder 02 and Triple Dry 15 Dry Texture Finishing Spray from Redken this week (who has time to wash and restyle their hair during Fashion Week?!) and I must say, this duo adds some much-needed texture and volume to my fine (and often limp) hair.

I just shake the Dry Shampoo Powder into my palm and massage it into my scalp and roots, then brush it through. I then add the Dry Texture Spray through the mid-lengths and piece the hair with my fingers as I go. It’s that easy. So, what does everyone else think?

★★★★★ Love this – Bwoo

“I really loved this dry shampoo powder! I have pretty straight Asian hair that gets oily within a day. Between this and the finishing spray, this was a perfect combo for my hair to go an extra day without washing! I also enjoyed that it wasn’t super stiff like some dry shampoos can make my hair. I would definitely recommend!”

★★★★★ Fave product – Ashley

“Ok, I’ve tried many dry shampoos and they always leave my hair stiff as a board. I can barely even run my fingers through it. Not to mention, they’re hard to control as a spray. Let me tell you, this is my NEW and FOREVER best friend! I absolutely LOVE this dry shampoo powder! It is SO easy to apply and it doesn’t leave my hair looking ashy! It also doesn’t make my hair stiff or unmanageable!”

★★★★★ Love – Tiffany

“Listen, there’s nothing better than hitting snooze on your alarm so you can get a few extra minutes of sleep, especially on a cold & dreary day. These Redken products extend the amount of days I can go in between washing my hair and leave my hair looking clean, full of volume, and textured. Not only do these products save me time, but spare my hair damage from the extra washes & heat from the dryer and flat iron.”


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