The Emergency Mask That Could Save Your Winter Skin

A lot of us experience increased dryness and sensitivity during the winter months – even more so if you’re based in the colder southern states of Australia.

So why does this happen? Well, for a variety of reasons – mainly because our skin can struggle to cope with vast temperature fluctuations, plus humidity levels are a lot lower.

Going from very warm heating indoors, to freezing cold temperatures outside really messes with our skin’s barrier and natural hydration levels, resulting in less oil production and often drier, more compromised skin.


How Can We Fix It?

There are heaps of options for remedying winter skin (I could go on forever), one of them being SAMPAR’s H2O ‘Emergency’ Mask. As a brand, SAMPAR aims to reset the skin’s natural defences with an effective, healing range of skincare.

The H2O ‘Emergency’ Mask is two-piece gel sheet mask that delivers essential moisture to the skin for long-lasting hydration.

– This mask harnesses the benefits of a hydrating mask & serum in one

– Provides dry skin with an instant boost of moisture

– Has a soothing, calming effect on the skin

– Helps to reinforce the skin’s natural protective barrier

– Enhances skin tone & texture

– Provides skin with a dose of antioxidants

– Protects the skin from damaging free radicals

– Comes in a pack of 3 individual 2-piece masks

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The Key Ingredients:

Patented hydration complex: supports the skin’s ability to retain moisture & reinforces the skin’s barrier function.

Resveratrol: provides strong antioxidant protection to reduce the effects of free radical damage on the skin, and also has anti-ageing properties.

Niacinamide: offers antioxidant protection plus multiple anti-ageing benefits, including brightening dull skin & improving the appearance of enlarged pores.

Shea Butter extract: rich in fatty acids, it’s nourishing on the skin & has anti-inflammatory and healing properties.

Green Caviar extract: a potent hydrating active ingredient rich in amino acids used to prolong skin hydration.

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My Verdict:

I love that this mask comes in two pieces. Sheet masks often don’t fit my face, but you can position this one to fit perfectly so it’s comfortable to wear. The gel texture of this mask has a cooling, soothing effect on my skin, and enough left over serum to rub into my skin after I’ve removed it.

It certainly is hydrating and provides the skin with much-needed moisture, but I wouldn’t substitute this for your other hydrating products. I still recommend using your regular hydrating skincare in combination with this mask to keep your skin happy and balanced.

★★★★★ Highly recommend – Kim

“If you are looking for a effective moisturising face mask then I can highly recommend this product. It’s a thick sheet and feels like a gel. The smell is nice and it is very moisturising, perfect if you just did a peel/scrub and you know your face is going to need extra moisture. Your face feels and looks moisturised and just looks very healthy.”

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