The easy-peasy work hairdo that actually looks chic

If you’re anything like me, your standard office hair is either out, in a ponytail or scooped up into a top-knot. Whether your excuse is lack of creativity or lack of care, the one thing we can’t blame any more is lack of time – because SACHAJUAN has created the perfect work-appropriate style that takes only six steps!

1. Wash your hair

To create this bouncy blow-dry, begin by preparing the hair with SACHAJUAN Volume Shampoo and Conditioner. Do a double shampoo, rinse thoroughly and apply a 20 cent piece-sized amount of conditioner to the mid-length and ends. Brush through with a large rake comb to de-tangle and rinse with cool water for maximum shine.

2. Mousse

Blot the hair dry with a towel, squeezing out excess moisture. Apply a golf ball-sized amount of SACHAJUAN Hair Mousse (medium hold) evenly through the hair. Tip your head upside down and blast with a hairdryer until hair is 60 percent dry.

3. Blowdry

Take a three inch section of hair at the bottom of your head, clipping away the remainder. Using a large round brush, begin blow-drying the hair with firm tension, repeatedly rolling the brush through the mid-lengths and ends to create bounce and volume.

4. Create volume

Repeat the round brush blow-drying through the top and the middle of the head. If your hair is particularly frizzy, you may need to re-wet the top layer slightly to obtain a smoother finish. Blow-dry the top part of the hair, over directing the hair backwards for extra root lift and volume. If your hair is fine, or limp, put rollers in while the hair cools to give extra hold.

5. Hairspray

Allow the hair to cool completely and then apply a few drops of SACHAJAUN Shine Serum to the ends of the hair. Tip your head upside down again and lightly spritz the hair with SACHAJUAN Light & Flexible Hair Spray. Flip your hair up and move it into the correct parting. Give the top a final spritz for good measure.

6. The finishing touch

Give your hair an extra dose of luxe with SACHAJUAN Protective Hair Perfume.