The Brand New Brow Tool Taking Me Back To High School

Having a 4-pen in high school was a hot commodity – the most in demand writing instrument you could own (that, and a fine liner).

I don’t even know if kids use pens these days, so they may not appreciate the significance of Benefit’s new Brow Contour Pro. It’s literally a 4-pen for your eyebrows – except the shades aren’t blue, black, green and red.


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What You Need To Know:

– This 4-in-1 brow tool contains four retractable pomade pencils

– It has a lighter & deeper brow shade, plus an edge definer & arch highlighter

– Allows you to ‘contour’ your brows for a naturally defined appearance

– All shade formulas are easily blendable & long-wearing

– Brow Contour Pro is available in five shades from light to deep

– It’s the perfect compact product to keep in your handbag

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How To Use It:

Step One: Press down the lighter shade tab and twist until you see product. Fill in the front of the brow with the lighter shade up to the arch.

Step Two: To define the arch and fill in sparse areas, fill in the remainder of the brow from arch to tail using the deeper brow shade.

Step Three: Stroke the brow definer shade directly below your brow from front to tail and gently blend with your fingertip or a concealer brush.

Step Four: Lastly, blend the highlighting shade beneath your arch to illuminate the brow bone and give the appearance of a lifted brow.

The Pro Verdict:

“I personally find defining my brows with concealer a cumbersome process, but this pen makes it easier and gives me the thick, arched but natural-looking brows I always struggled to achieve.” Elle

“I like how easy the definer “lanes” make creating a super precise point at the end, and using all the shades in tandem tends to make my brows look fluffier overall. It’s basically like having four brow products in one.” Allure

“I wish it came with a built-in spoolie. But its ease for travel more than makes up for it, and getting the motions down is pretty easy after a few initial test runs. Plus, it’s fun as hell to click and twist all day. What can I say? I’m a sucker for nostalgia.” Glamour

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