The Best Shampoo For Oily, Colour-Treated Hair

Our amazing customer service team get a lot of questions, and when I asked them what their most common hair related questions were, this was one of them. It seems there’s a lot of you out there with oily, colour-treated hair and you want a solution!

I don’t blame you – I dread washing my hair (dry shampoo and slick ponytails get me by with 2 washes a week), so I definitely sympathise with those of you who are daily hair washers.

So what’s the answer to the oily scalp/dry ends dilemma? It might be Kérastase’s Specifique Balancing Shampoo (or Bain Divalent if you’re French).


What Is It?

This silicone-free shampoo is designed to treat the cause of oily roots, helping to regulate the overproduction of oil, without neglected the drier or colour-treated mid-lengths and ends of the hair.

– Cleanses & soothes the scalp to reduce itchiness

– Gives the hair a light, airy feel

– Restores softness & shine to the hair

– Removes excess oil while refreshing & purifying the scalp

– Nourishes sensitised areas as well as dry ends

– Moisturises the scalp to reduce irritation

– It has a lovely fresh, clean fragrance

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The Key Ingredients:

If you’ve already tried everything, you probably want to know exactly how this shampoo is going to work differently to all the others, right?

Glycine: is an oil-regulating active ingredient that purifies the scalp

Salicylic Acid: deeply cleanses the scalp & removes dandruff

Vitamin B6: has nourishing properties that hydrate & strengthen the hair


What’s Everyone Saying?

★★★★★ Haven’t found better – Mrs Robinson

“This is an excellent shampoo for those who struggle with the dilemma of oily roots and dry ends. I have no idea how this manages to do it, but it gets rid of the excess oil at my roots and actually gives back rather than stripping my ends. For me, it has been one of the products where the proof is in the pudding. Also only need 10 cent piece amount per wash, and it lasts me ages.”

★★★★★ Great for oily scalp and dry ends – Ray

“As I have bleached hair and I use a lot of products to keep my hair nice, I use this shampoo once a week as a detox shampoo. You need a small amount as it lathers up nicely and it thoroughly cleanses your scalp but doesnt dry out your ends; they’re nice and hydrated. It doesn’t leave your hair with flyaways which you can get from other shampoos for oily hair.”

★★★★★ Definitely recommend – Veronica

“I have big curly hair that tends to get frizzy. What I love about this shampoo is that I can go days without washing my hair and it doesn’t get too oily. It also keeps the nice smell after blow drying my hair straight. I would definitely recommend this product.”

★★★★★ Amazing – Corey

“I was one to wash my hair daily, but most recently I’ve been trying extend the wear time between showers (washing every 2/3 days). My stylist used this shampoo on me for the first time and hit a goal of SEVEN DAYS unwashed (with a little help from some dry shampoo of course). I also had no flakiness/residue on my scalp either even after that many days. Definitely recommend to people with oily scalps.”

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