The Affordable Cream Eyeshadows That Literally Won’t Budge

I’ve never been a cream eyeshadow convert. I just don’t trust them, you know? Like, are you going to crease? Are you going to still be there by the time I get home? Do you blend well with others? I just never know.

When I started reading rave reviews about 3INA’s The Cream Eyeshadow, I thought, what the heck, it’s low risk – let’s try it. At $21.95, it’s not gonna break the bank.

What Happened:

Now, I can admit when I’m wrong, and when it comes to cream eyeshadows, boy was I wrong. Not only do 3INA’s The Cream Eyeshadows apply easily, blend well and are super pigmented, but they also stay in place… ALL DAY LONG.

I’d suggest you try these cream eyeshadows if you’re looking for:

– A creamy, blendable shadow

– A long-wearing, waterproof formula with a crease-free finish

– Both bold and neutral shades

– Matte, shimmer or glittery finishes

– An affordable product, that lasts FOREVER

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I can personally guarantee that these shadows tick all of the boxes above. I’ve been rotating shades 320 (Taupe), 313 (Light Brown) and 314 (Brown) in my daily makeup routine, and getting a little experimental on the weekends with 307 (Medium Violet) and 303 (Aqua).

The beauty of creams is that you can easily create so many looks with them! From graphic lines to smokey eyes, the options are endless. The colours vary from a beautiful bold purple and green to gorgeous neutral shades with both matte, shimmer and glittery finishes. And you don’t have to be wild, these shades can be sheered out too for a more subtle look.

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How To Use A Cream Eyeshadow:

If you’re looking for a precise application, apply with an eyeliner or flat brush to create a clean, structured line. If you’re looking for a softer finish, apply with your fingertips and blend to your heart’s content. Don’t forget, when it comes to these generous pots, a little product goes a long way, so start off with less product and add more as you go.

TIP: Remember to keep your pot covered when you’re not using, to ensure the product doesn’t dry out. Either flip it over while you’re applying it, or pop the lid back on.

My Verdict:

I’ve probably already given you a good idea of how I’m feeling about these cream eyeshadows. As a qualified makeup artist, I’ve tried many cream eyeshadows in my time, and this one really impressed me – I’m not surprised it has so many 5-star reviews on site.

★★★★★ Insane – Lauren

“Absolutely love these, they’re super long lasting on my oily hooded eyelids and come in heaps of amazing colours (I own about 9 of them). You will need a proper eye makeup remover to get them off (I use the 3INA one) as they’re waterproof/smudge proof. I once had it on my eyes for 36 hours and it didn’t budge. 10000% recommend.”

★★★★★ Shimmery – Sha

“Shade 313 is my absolute favourite cream eyeshadow. It’s so creamy and shimmery – kicks up my eyeshadow look another notch. It’s a beautiful gold-bronze shade, good for tanned skin.”

★★★★★ LOVE – Maddison

“Easy to apply, no crease formula – thank you! Similar to M.A.C Paint Pots, and great to wear on the eye for work or add as a base to a smokey eye.”


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