The $14 Plumping Lip Gloss That Actually Works

In the early noughties, while all my friends were saving hard to buy Lancôme Juicy Tubes, 15-year-old me was on the search for something a little more hardcore.

This was perhaps a foreshadowing of 15 years later, to my current addiction to hardcore serums and a desire to “burn my face off in a good way”. 15-year-old me wanted that Angelina Jolie, plump, bee-stung effect, but on my checkout chick budget.

A Bit Of Background:

I turned on my pink iMac, dialled up to the internet, opened Yahoo and started researching. Okay, I can’t remember if I did this; I’m just trying to amp up the noughties nostalgia.

I remember purchasing my first tube of lip plumping gloss. It buuuuurned… but in a good way. And I reapplied, and reapplied, and reapplied. Until it felt like I had rubbed chilli flakes all over my lips. And like magic, my lips looked plumper and fuller. No pain, no gain, right?

I continued to use lip plumping gloss up until my early-20s, when I started my first corporate job and swapped over to lipstick. And I’ve been a lipstick gal for the last ten years. Until I found elf Lip Plumping Gloss while trawling through the Adore website. And luckily, this one doesn’t burn. It’s more of an aggressive tingle.

That’s the strange thing about turning 30… you suddenly rediscover the things of your youth. Pink plumping gloss. Pink glitter nail polish. Pink barrettes. Pink diamante-studded heels. Dating guys in their early-20s. You get the gist.

Tell Me More:

– elf’s Lip Plumping Gloss contains two types of menthol for that plumping effect

– Also contains coconut oil and vitamin E nourish & protect your pout

– It gives the lips more of a tingling feeling rather than a burning sensation

– Has a high-shine glossy finish with a sheer, natural-looking tint

– There are three shades (my favourite, of course, is Pink Cosmo)

– Umm, and it’s only $14… so it definitely ticks that checkout chick budget

★★★★★ Favourite – Kendra

“This lip plumping gloss is and probably will always be my all time favourite. I bought one because it was cheap and decided to try it out, and then my one turned into three and next thing I knew I had one for home, every jacket, and every bag of mine. I refuse to leave my home without it, that’s how great it is. It’s lightweight, not sticky, and it’s got a great sheer colour that helps make your lips look even more luscious.”

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I only have a couple of warnings:

1. Yes, your lips genuinely look fuller, but don’t expect to look like you’ve just had lip fillers; it’s just a gloss at the end of the day

2. I wouldn’t put a fresh coat of this gloss on just before kissing someone for the first time. Just trust me on this one…


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