Skincare Layering: Are you using your products in the wrong order?

Getting the order of your skincare routine right is an art form. For those who have no idea about skincare, layering products can be confusing, and for those who have a basic understanding of skincare products and their consistencies, layering makes a bit of sense.

So to cater to everyone, we’ve put together a layering guide to make sure you’re getting it right and making the most of your products:

First Step: Serums

The consistency of a serum is designed to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin. Using your serums first will allow the active ingredients in the product to be most effective. Plus, serums generally absorb very quickly, allowing you to smooth thicker formulas over the top. Once you’ve applied each of your serums, allow them a moment to absorb into the skin before your next skincare step.

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Second Step: Eye Treatments

Apply your favourite eye cream or serum with your fingertips to the eye area using dabbing or swiping motions, being mindful not to venture too far outside of the eye area. Keep in mind, some ingredients can irritate the delicate eye area, so stick to only using specifically eye products in this area.

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Third Step: Moisturisers

Once you’ve applied your serums and allowed them to absorb, layer on your favourite moisturiser. Your moisturiser will provide essential hydration to the skin, while locking in the serums underneath. Make sure you’re using a moisturiser to suit your skin type to get the best results. If you aren’t sure which moisturiser would suit your skin, fill out a Skincare Recommendation form and our expert team can help.

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Fourth Step: Facial Oils

The additional of a facial oil can really compliment your skincare routine, improving hydration and radiance. Apply your chosen facial oil after allowing your moisturiser to absorb. Oils still have an effect on the skin when applied over cream-based products.

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Fifth Step: Sunscreen

All physical SPF products be applied as your very last step, to form a protective barrier layer against UV rays. This includes broad spectrum sunscreens that contain both chemical and physical ingredients, as they’ll function more effectively this way. Purely chemical sunscreens should be applied prior to serum and moisturiser application, however if you’re using a serum with active ingredients, it may reduce the efficacy of those ingredients.

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What about night time?

Simply replace one or all of your morning serums with a Vitamin A or AHA/BHA serum, and substitute your day moisturiser for an active night moisturiser. Scrap your last sunscreen step and get your beauty sleep!

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