What On Earth Is Gommage?

I asked the same question too. Need to know the difference between AHAs, BHAs and PHAs? I’m your gal. Gommage on the other hand, well, I was a little stumped. Maybe because for as long as I’ve been working at Adore Beauty, chemical exfoliation has been as crucial in my life as my morning coffee.

So when UMA Oils Ultimate Brightening Rose Powder Cleanser landed on my desk, I experienced a healthy mix of curiosity and scepticism. It’s one that adheres to the classic Gommage (French, meaning to “erase”) practice of gentle yet hydrating exfoliation through massage techniques, sloughing away the build up of dead skin cells. Goodbye winter flakiness, hello baby soft, primed skin for all those serums I’m layering!

Why I’m A Convert:

Using this product in a two-step-cleanse routine every other night has left me with super smooth skin sans impaired barrier function. I put it down to a finite balance between it’s exfoliation benefits through the natural grittiness of the powder texture, and the hydrating and soothing ingredients that make up this ‘natural grittiness’.

  • It’s two products in one: there’s a cleanser technique and an exfoliating treatment technique

  • Doesn’t hurt, sting or cause any irritation like some physical exfoliant formulas can

  • It’s gentle and leaves the skin feeling super hydrated post-cleanse

  • Requires a double cleanse to remove a full face of makeup, but effective enough for removing light makeup

  • Not only is it ‘skin’ friendly, it’s environmentally friendly too

  • A little goes a long away and the powder formula is easy to decant for travel

Gimme All The Good Stuff:

You might be wondering exactly what's in this 100% organic and cruelty-free concoction that makes it such a powerhouse product. Let me fill you in.

  • Fine Oat and Walnut extract provide the right amount of exfoliation

  • Nutmeg, Orange Peel and Peppermint for deep cleaning and brightening

  • Dried Rose and Hibiscus Flower extracts for hydration, reducing uneven skin tone

  • Calendula and Chamomile to soothe any aggravation while working to purify the skin

  • Bentonite Clay provides a rich boost of minerals to restoring a youthful glow

How Does It Work?

...as a Cleanser

The UMA Oils Ultimate Brightening Rose Powder Cleanser works as a cleanser if you mix a half cap in the palm of your hand with about a teaspoon of water to form a paste;

  1. Apply to a wet face 

  2. Move in gentle circular motions for 20-30 seconds

  3. Wash off with lukewarm water

  4. Most effective for it’s brightening benefits, in the morning.

...as an Exfoliator

It doubles as an exfoliating treatment (2-3 times per week) if you follow the same as above except;

  1. Leave on for 45-60 seconds until the paste is semi-dry

  2. Massage the skin in a circular motion until the paste starts ‘balling up’; it will start coming away from the skin in this “thready” texture, taking with it layers of dead skin build up

  3. Rinse off excess with cold water.

Hot tip: for even more indulgence, mix in with organic honey or natural yoghurt and leave on for 3-5 mins for a ‘Self Care Sunday’ treatment/mask.

What’s Everyone Else Saying?



This cleanser was unique to me, to say the least, but I do really like it. I'm still adjusting to the water to product ratio. (I should probably just keep a teaspoon in my bathroom.) My skin definitely feels cleansed without any drying out, which is a big concern for me. My skin has already shown great improvement from using the brightening face oil, but this has been a nice addition to my UMA Oil...
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Wow! I received a sample of this beautiful cleanser and it’s very luxurious! Cleansed my face thoroughly without drying my skin out! I felt like a princess using it! Made my day! :)

Incredibly effective


Better than anything else I’ve ever tried for removing make up. Incredibly effective. Soft on the skin to use and leaves your skin clean without any films etc The pots last ages as well!!