The Sheet Mask That Definitely Lives Up To The Hype

Face masks: the biggest self-care indulgence to infiltrate our weekly routines since their inception. For a skincare step that should evoke relaxation and a hint of excitement, it fills me with enormous amounts of dread and longing. Why? More often than not, my skin reacts to sheet masks.

I don’t know what it is, but usually, when I place a cotton sheet mask on my face, within 2 minutes, my skin starts to burn and I have to immediately take it off. I’m always on the lookout for a sheet mask that my skin agrees with, and I’m happy to report that I've finally found my perfect match with Aceology.

Tell Me More:

One of the most iconic moments of reality TV in 2019 would have to be the moment that Martha from Married at First Sight, had a heated discussion on national television, with a face mask on. Clearly, she takes her skincare very seriously (much like us), so it was no surprise that when she posted a selfie wearing the Aceology Green T Infusion Gel Mask, it sold out instantly. 

I looked at this gel-sheet mask that claimed to leave skin “energised, detoxified and revitalised”, and thought, could this be my answer?

The second the two-piece Aceology mask hit my skin, I felt an instant cooling sensation. Like a cold drink of water on a hot summer’s day, my skin went ‘ahhhh’. I was holding my breath, waiting for that burning reaction to kick in, but to my surprise, 20 minutes later, my skin was still feeling comfortable and calm.

I removed the mask and my skin felt and looked alive! The redness in my complexion had neutralised and my skin was left feeling soft, hydrated and uncharacteristically radiant.  

Then I saw our Beauty Editor Joanna post about it on Instagram and this was our real-life exchange below - if that isn’t enough to convince you, I’m not sure what is. 


The Highlights:

  • This two-piece mask is easy to apply & stays on the skin, no slipping or sliding

  • Infused with Green Tea to rejuvenate skin, combat tiredness & provide a boost of antioxidants 

  • It also contains Evening Primrose to hydrate and heal skin

  • Works to improves texture and tone while helping to reduce puffiness and tired-looking skin 

  • Leaves your complexion looking fresh, revitalised & luminous

What's Everyone Else Saying?

Hydrating dream


I’ve now used this mask 8 times and I’m obsessed. I have really sensitive skin, however this is so cooling and hydrating, my face craves it.

Favourite mask EVER!!


Honestly loved this mask SO much!! I knew it would be amazing, I didn’t think it would be THIS amazing! It helps calm and hydrate my skin more than any other mask could, I am in love! Favourite mask EVER!!



Absolutely loved this product from the first mask! I'm always cautious to leave my comfort zone of trusted brands but took a leap with this one after a GF tried the rose masks. I went for green tea and noticed this difference immediately. I used my quartz roller to roll in the excess serum and this morning, my make-up sat much better, my skin looks brighter and I feel great. Welcome to the mark wo...
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