An Investigation Into Why J-Lo Looks Younger Than Me

Yesterday, my lovely team here at Adore HQ told me I looked older than Jennifer Lopez. She just turned 50. I’m almost 31.

They’re dead wrong. I look one year younger than J-Lo. According to the Daily Mail, a cosmetic surgeon predicted her facial age as 32 using mapping software. 

So in light of that information, I decided to put my detective hat on and search every inch of the internet to get to the bottom of the curious case of Jennifer Lopez. What is her secret to ageing backwards? And are there any habits I can implement in my own life to slow down the ageing process? 

After spending my afternoon investigating the conspiracy theory that is J-Lo, I’ll be scoring each of her habits out of five on a scale of practicality, because let’s face it, I ain't spending two hours a day at the gym.

Get Your Beauty Sleep  

Score: 5/5

J-Lo told Us Weekly, “I love a good nine or 10 hours, but I can never get that. So seven or eight is mandatory. [If I don’t get it] I just don’t feel right. I start feeling crazy, I get emotional and I feel tired all the time.”

I love that a workaholic like J-Lo is spreading this message because in my twenties, I thought being overworked and under-slept meant being successful. I’ve had times where I would get five or six hours a night consistently, and I looked and felt like a wreck. Just like J-Lo, I make sure I get at least seven hours of sleep every single night. If you have trouble getting in the mood for sleep, check out our hacks to turn your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary. 

Work Out Regularly 

Score: 2.5/5 

We all know J-Lo’s body is ridiculous, not for a 50 year-old, but just generally for a human woman. And it’s not just good genes, it’s also hard work.  

She recently wrote on Instagram, “I made a promise to myself that instead of letting it wear me down I would be even stronger at the end of it...I will work out and be in the best shape of my life... There were moments I was tired and there was travel and I had to fit in my workouts where I could.” 

Yeah, not going to happen. I recently paused my F45 membership for winter because it’s too cold to walk the 250 metres from my house to the gym. I’ve given this 2.5 out of 5 because I’m pretty good with the gym the other six months of the year. 

Have No Vices

Score: 1/5

J-Lo told Us Weekly back in 2016: “I don’t drink or smoke or have caffeine. That really wrecks your skin as you get older.” She also recently completed a 10-day no sugar and no carbs challenge. I eat sugar, carbs, I drink caffeine and alcohol... but I don't smoke.

I’m in two minds about this. On the one hand, I admire her clean living lifestyle and on the other, I’d rather have a few wrinkles than give up my morning coffee or Friday wine. 

Wear SPF 

Score: 5/5 

In the same interview with Us Weekly, she said: “I’m rarely in the sun, but if I am, I wear a lot of sunscreen. I’ve never been one to take a lot of sun, which is why my skin has maintained itself.” 

Did you know Aussie women are ageing up to 20 years faster than American women? Terrifying, I know. You’ve gotta make SPF your MVP. As Ava Matthews, co-founder of my holy grail sunscreen Ultra Violette Supreme Screen SPF 50+ Hydrating Facial Sunscreen, says, “Of all the anti-ageing products available on the market, sunscreen is the single most important one." 


Score: 5/5 

Finally, an easy one that’s already a staple in my skincare routine. According to People Magazine, she loves “glycolic acid to get that healthy glow”.

Glycolic acid is a chemical exfoliant designed to eat away excess dead skin cells to reveal brighter, clearer skin and encourage cell regeneration. I’m personally a big fan of peeling my face off (in a good way) using glycolic acid. 

Think Positively 

Score: 4/5 

J-Lo told InStyle that she recommends reading self-love advocate and author Louise Hay. I read her bestselling book, You Can Heal Your Life, during my brief search for spiritual enlightenment in Thailand (a story for another day), and a big part of her philosophy is that self-acceptance and positive affirmations can, well, heal your life.

Overall, I’m a pretty positive person (when my colleagues aren’t telling me I look older than a fifty year-old) so I’ve given this four out of five. I’m not the type to look in the mirror and say positive affirmations, but I try not to indulge in too much neg talk. 

As J-Lo says, “You’re here until your dead, so you might as well do shit.” Maybe good vibes are the real secret behind the J-Lo Glow…