Quick Wake-Me-Up Beauty Fixes For The Time-Poor

Who else has woken up looking tired and dull, and made the mistake of trying to overcompensate by layering on a full face of makeup? Sometimes we just have off days, even if we’ve had a full 8 hours on the pillow.

Our skin might appear sallow, our eyes puffy and our hair flat. But sometimes trying to hide behind a layer of makeup winds up backfiring and makes you look even more worn out. So I thought I’d share my quick fixes for mornings when you’re off your game and rushing out the door.


In My Makeup Bag:

All I have to say about these products is: radiance and luminosity. Sounds pleasant, doesn’t it? These two glow-inducing products can take you from half-asleep to ready for the day in a matter of seconds (oh, and be prepared to get a lot of compliments on your skin).

BECCA Under Eye Corrector

– This peach-toned under eye corrector effortlessly revives the look of tired eyes

– It neutralises blue & purple discolourations under the eye area

– Light-reflecting particles brighten the skin, leaving it backlit & ready for concealer

– The creamy, waterproof, crease-resistant formula allows for easy blending

Pro Tip: This corrector is to be applied before your concealer. For super natural coverage, pat the eye corrector under your eyes before applying a light coverage concealer like Clarins Instant Light.

★★★★★ A staple in my beauty bag  EmJay

“This product does exactly what it says it does – beautifully brightens the dark circles under my eyes before I apply my foundation. It’s nice and creamy and the little pot lasts for ages. Have bought several times and will be a staple in my beauty bag for a long time to come!”

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Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer

For those of you who’ve loved and lost Laura Mercier’s Radiance Primer, this Pixi primer is almost an identical dupe.

– Gives the skin an even, flawless, lit-from-within finish (without chunks of shimmer)

– Contains skin-loving ingredients which work to target the signs of ageing

– Hyaluronic acid & pro-vitamin B5 attract & lock in moisture for prolonged hydration

– Softly tinted for a luminous, glowing complexion

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On My Skincare Shelf:

Skincare is key to your makeup looking good, so it really is the first thing you need to focus on. I can’t go past these two products for almost instantly bringing dull skin back to life.

Alpha-H Liquid Gold

– This fast-acting Glycolic Acid solution has skin-clearing & brightening properties

– Reduces the appearance of pigmentation & other signs of premature ageing

– Instantly resurfaces the skin with chemical exfoliation

– Great to use before bed for refreshed skin the following day

★★★★★ Why didn’t I use this earlier??  Jane

“Absolutely fantastic product to add to my night time skin routine! After the first use, my skin looked plump and acne-scarring reduced, I am continually seeing the results. My pores have reduced significantly and my skin now has a beautiful glow after using 3-4 times weekly. I don’t know how I lived without with product in my skin care routine for so long, I will be define buying again!”

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Hylamide HA Booster

– A fast-absorbing, lightweight serum suitable for all skin types

– Contains several forms of Hyaluronic Acid for hydration

– Plumps the skin & improves skin elasticity

– Gives you an instant hydration boost plus a smooth canvas to work with

★★★★★ Best it’s ever been!  Zoey

“My skin is the best it has ever been since I started using this product. It’s firm and plump, not oily or dry. My skin is brighter, clearer and just all around better. I will 100% continue to use this product and would recommend. I had very dry skin on my nose, but oily combination around the chin area. My skin has really levelled out and I don’t experience either of these issues anymore.”

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My Hair Essentials:

Ah, bad hair days. While it’s easy to whip your hair up into a bun and pretend it’s not happening, sometimes we need to look like we’ve put an actual effort into our hair. This is how you do it.

ELEVEN Smooth & Shine Anti-Frizz Serum

– This watermelon-fragrance serum is suitable to use on all hair types

– It tames frizz & flyaways for neater-looking hair (without too much effort)

– It adds enviable healthy shine to dull or dry locks

– A little bit goes a long way & it takes 3 seconds to apply as you walk out the door

★★★★★ Nice and light weight Taylah

“I love this product. After heat styling, I pop this through the ends and mid lengths of my hair to smooth out any static stubborn hairs, it leaves my hair looking so shiny and feeling super soft. It also has the most beautiful watermelon scent.”

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Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo

– A non-aerosol powder mist formula (yes – it’s perfect for travelling)

– It’s made from 99.8% naturally derived ingredients

– It absorbs excess oil between washes

– Neutralises odours with 25 flower & plant essences

 ★★★★★ Easily the best dry shampoo I’ve used  Ronnie

“I’ve tried heaps of other aerosol dry shampoo’s before and none compare to this one. The powder is invisible and won’t leave any white residue in dark hair. With the Shampure I’m able to reduce my shampooing from 3 times a week to 1. The biggest bonus is that this product isn’t an aerosol, which means it perfect for travel.”

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