Parlux 3800: Adore Beauty staff review why this hairdryer rocks!

Whether your hair is short, long, thick or thin, ain’t nobody got time to spend hours drying it! Surrounded by top products, here at Adore Beauty HQ, we consistently trust the Parlux 3800 for professional results, quickly.

Shanthi, Marketing Manager

“My hair is straight and cut asymmetrically. I’ve never coloured my hair, so it is fairly healthy. It’s fairly soft, smooth and shiny. I’ve noticed in the past 6 months my hair thinning out quite a bit, since I hit my 30s! So I’ve begun taking a more careful approach to my haircare, using specifically formulated shampoos and conditioners for this problem. While my hair is quite low maintenance, with the Parlux 3800 I style it three ways – up and away from my face (when I’m having a ‘probably should have washed my hair’ day), out with a slight wave, and slicked straight. Although the noise is quite loud compared to other hairdryers, I’ve never had any problems with my Parlux 3800. I think it’s best suited for people with thick, long hair. This sort of mane can be a pain to dry, so with the Parlux’s power, it means your hair is dry in next to no time and always looks polished and smooth.”

Vanessa, Customer Service

“My hair is colour-treated, long and fine (although there’s lots of it). I received my Parlux 3800 five years ago. I love everything about it! I never bothered with hairdryers previously, as my hair takes forver to dry, but with the Parlux, doing so is effortless. It also leaves my hair feeling really silky; a salon-like finish. I’ve never had any issues with the product and would definitely re-purchase it. I think it would be great for anyone who is looking for a hairdresser-quality electrical.”

Shannon, Product Management Assistant

“My hair is short and normal, without any colour. My sister-in-law owns a 3800 that she’s had for quite a few years, and uses frequently, so it’s well-loved. I’ve borrowed hers a few times (whenever I’ve left my Parlux 385 at home!) and didn’t notice the difference between both models. However, the 3800 is much quieter and less heavy than other brands of hairdryers I’ve tried. It’s also so much quicker to dry my hair! I don’t style it that much. My hair is straight, so when I use it I just blow dry my hair normally. I do like to use the hairdryer at the roots a little bit to give a bit of extra volume. If somebody is on a budget and is looking for a top-notch hairdryer, I’d definitely recommend the Parlux 3800.”

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