Every Frequent Flyer Needs This Mask In Their Carry-On

I used to be a very frequent flyer (to be honest, airline loyalty programs have made me a crazy person), so I’m all too familiar with the effects that regular travel has on your skin. I’ve flown to Sydney and back twice over the last week (status credits, yew!) and even these short trips have […]

The Two-Part Eye Serum That Does Four Major Things

In my expert opinion, nothing gives away your age more than your eyes and your neck. Don’t get me wrong, ageing is a non-optional process that we shouldn’t be ashamed of – but none of us actually look at crepey skin and crow’s feet and feel good about it, do we? Investing in a damn […]

Is This Tinted Moisturiser Worth The Splurge?

Full disclosure: I will stop at nothing for a flawless, radiant, natural-looking base. Not even a $265 price tag can deter me. If you’re trying to save, I’d advise you to look away now before you become obsessed with this product like I have. Giorgio Armani’s Crema Nuda Tinted Cream truly is in a league […]

This Is What My $1,800 Skincare Routine Looks Like

I am known in the office for my bougie tastes in beauty and fashion – so much so that my team have affectionately bestowed me with the nickname Lady Meike. I do love to try the newest (and most bougie) products, but my skin does get easily overwhelmed and becomes sensitive when I have too […]

We Can’t Stop Talking About This New Sunscreen

You might’ve seen her doing the rounds on social media and sneaking into your Adore Beauty orders, now she’s officially here. I’d like to introduce you to a game changer in SPF: Ultra Violette. More specifically, there’s a product in this range that will interest the majority of you. It’s a sunscreen serum *insert gasp* […]

There’s Such Thing As A Clear Lip Liner Now. Wait…What?

Yes, I had the exact same questions as you. Isn’t the point of a lip liner to create a visible border around the lips? What on earth does a clear lip liner even do? Are you meant to apply a coloured lip liner too? The list goes on. The good news is that I’ve found […]

Our Resident Nail Art Enthusiast Gave These Gel Polishes 5 Stars

If there was a Nail Biters Anonymous, I’d have spent a solid 15 years attending meetings. My name is Christine, and I’m a mostly reformed chronic nail biter. Much to my parents’ dismay and despite my best efforts, my perpetual nervousness and utter lack of self control resulted in grotty stubs where my fingertips should […]