How Does Emily Ratajkowski Always Have Perfect Hair?

If you aren’t familiar with Emily Ratajkowski or @emrata, you mustn’t be on Instagram. If stalking famous people on social media isn’t your thing, you can also find her in Gone GirlEntourage and the infamous Blurred Lines video clip.

The American model, actress and activist is the new face of Kérastase, which comes as no surprise given how ridiculously good her hair looks in this campaign. But it’s not just a brand partnership to her – Emily has been a loyal, long-time Kérastase lover.

“My hairstylist loves Kérastase and introduced me to the brand a long time ago. I’m addicted,” Ratjkowski told Vogue. “Hair is essential to how I express myself. I love that feeling of clean, textured, natural hair – that instantly makes me feel more confident.”

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Meet Emily’s Must-Have Hair Hero:

If you’re wondering how to achieve shiny, soft, healthy-looking locks – look no further than Kérastase’s Elixir Ultime Beautifying Oil, which the actress claims “is the best“.

Elixir Ultime provides the hair with intense nourishment

– This oil leaves even very dry hair with a shiny, soft & supple finish

– The formula features four precious oils, including Argan Oil

– It’s a very lightweight formula & doesn’t weigh the hair down

– Helps to restore strength & protect the hair from environmental damage

– Camellia Oil smooths the hair fiber to increase shine

– This product deeply conditions damaged, dry hair, instantly improving texture

– It has thermo-protective properties to reduce damage

– It has multiple different uses & smells amazing

Buy here

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How To Use:

Pre-Cleanse: Apply as a treatment to brushed hair and rinse out before shampooing to remove impurities

Pre-Blow Dry: Apply to towel-dried hair and blow dry as normal for additional protection and shine

Finishing: Work into the ends of the hair to control frizz, smooth and style. Or if you struggle with flyaways at the roots, use a very small amount to tame them

Touch-up: Apply a drop to ends throughout the day for a touch of shine as needed

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What’s Everyone Saying?

★★★★★ The ultimate leave in treatment  Georgia

“I swear buy this stuff! Do not be afraid of the price, it lasts forever as you only need a small amount due to its spreadability! I find this great in the ends of my extensions, giving them a little more protection and preventing split ends. It also helps to hold in moisture in the hair after a wash and condition. If there is one product to invest in it is definitely this!”

★★★★★ Love love love – Joy

“I just used this serum for the first time literally 10 mins ago and had the urge to write this review! My hair feels and looks smooth.. the smell is gorgeous. All I needed was 1 pump for my thick wavy hair, 100mls will last me a long time… happy buyer!”

★★★★★ Holy Grail! Nicole

“Despite the upfront expense, this product is one of the most economical hair products you will ever buy. I’ve been using it for years and get over 18 months of almost daily use out of a bottle of this stuff. It smooths my frizzy, uncontrollable mop beautifully and smells so good I could eat it. I have so much love for this product, I couldn’t recommend it enough!”

★★★★★ Excellent for fly away curly hair  Jenny

“I’ve been using this product for years and it makes my hair very soft and even a bit glossy. I have coloured hair so it tends to get frizzy. This oil has definitely made my hair less frizzy.”

Buy Kérastase Elixir Ultime Beautifying Oil here