We're SO Excited To Launch This Best-Selling Foundation

For some of you, M.A.C foundations may transport you back to being a teenager. The smell of Studio Fix Fluid gives me flash backs to being 16 years old and being colour-matched at a department store (and by colour-matched, I mean it was 4 shades off and way too yellow, but I still rocked it).

That hasn't put me off M.A.C in the slightest; to be honest, I feel like they have a lot of products that are underrated, including their Paint Pot, Strobe Cream, Brow Set, and most notably, their Face & Body Foundation.

A fave of professional makeup artists for runway, bridal and shoot makeup thanks to its versatility, Face & Body has really stood the test of time, and continues to be a best-seller for everyday wear (PSA: if you're looking for a light-medium coverage daily foundation, keep reading).

What You Need To Know About Face & Body?

  • The lightweight, blendable texture allows you to really customise this foundation

  • It can be built up from light to medium coverage, with a dewy to satin finish

  • As the name suggests, it can be worn as a face foundation as well as a body perfector

  • It looks very natural, and feels ultra-comfortable and breathable on the skin

  • Helps to improve the appearance of uneven skin tone, redness & blemishes

  • The formula is suitable for all skin types & offers hydrating benefits

How To Choose Your Shade:

Well, the easy way to choose your shade is by using the Findation shade-matching tool (which you'll find under the shade selector on the product page). You'll enter other foundation shades you've used before, and the algorithm will match you with your closest shade.

But, you might still be wondering what the N and C mean. There are only 13 shades in Face & Body, split into N (neutral) and C (cool). I'm a shade C3 and I have a light skin tone with yellow to neutral undertone.

How To Apply Face & Body:

The versatility and blendability of this foundation means its also very easy to apply, regardless of the tools you have, or lack thereof. If you're a fingertip applier, you and Face & Body will get along well - or if you prefer a brush or sponge, that'll work too.

M.A.C Senior Artist, Carol Mackie used the 170 brush to apply Face & Body on me, and it feels like a dream. It feels like a hybrid between a brush and a sponge - you'll know what I mean when you use it. I added it to my cart right away.

And as for prep, adjust your priming products and skincare according to your skin type. If you're oilier, you may want to use a mattifying primer to keep excess shine at bay, and if you're prone to dryness, you could mix in a drop of oil of use a hydrating primer over a rich moisturiser.

What Does Every Say About Face & Body?

Skinlike finish ❤️


Super huge bottle and great value for money! It’s quick and easy to apply and super light coverage. I love this for days I don’t want too much makeup on. It just evens out your face and covers redness. It works great with both a buffing brush and beauty blending sponge! Heaps of shades and is a satin dewy skinlike finish ❤️

Stunning glow


I’m in love with this foundation. It’s the only one I really use. It’s VERY sheer, so if you have a lot you would like to cover this may not be for you. It’s also very luminous, so I’m not sure if people with oily skin would enjoy it much. It’s easy to apply and build into a fuller coverage, and looks JUST like natural skin, just flawless. I apply this with my fingers or a beauty blender, and use ...
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Holy grail!


This is my new holy grail foundation. I’ve tried so many foundations over the years. My skin is very dry, textured and sensitive and even the most hydrating foundations settle in my fine lines, crease and enlarged my pores. This is a lighter coverage than I’m use to but it looks so natural on me. It doesn’t crease or enlarge my pores. It also matches my skin perfectly! I highly recommend for anyon...
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