The Single Product I've Never Been Able To Replace In My Makeup Kit

I’ve been a beauty junkie since I was little. My dad literally had to ban me from wearing makeup outside of the house because I’d want to strut a red lip at the mere age of 5.

Obviously I was devastated, so we compromised and he bought me my first ever product - a red Lip Smacker (that went on clear) which cheered me right up - thanks dad. Fast forward 12 years, and my beauty obsession had only grown stronger, so you can imagine how excited I was to land my first official makeup artist job at Napoleon Perdis

Tell Me More...

As a makeup artist, you always have your own little tricks to amplify your clients (and your own) makeup, but it's incredibly rare for me to be so loyal to one individual product - especially since I've now been in the industry for 12 years.

In that time, there's been one particular product that I just keep going back to and can't seem to replace no matter how many similar products I try. That product is Napoleon Perdis Loose Dust in Starlight.

But why am I so obsessed with it, you may be asking? Well, Starlight is a gorgeous champagne-hued loose powder shadow that compliments all skin tones. The pigment is so fine, that when applied on the lid, it instantly amplifies any look by enhancing the eye with a soft shimmer. This product will jump to the top of your can’t-live-without product list after just one use - and you can hold me to that.

The-Single-Product-IveNeverBeenAbleToReplace-In-My-Makeup-Kit NapoleonPerdis Loose-Dust---Starlight 0041The-Single-Product-IveNeverBeenAbleToReplace-In-My-Makeup-Kit NapoleonPerdis Loose-Dust---Starlight 0041

How Do I Use It?

On the eye, I use it one of three ways: 

  • All over the lid for a glowy, natural look. 

  • On the inner corner of the eye to highlight and enhance. 

  • Mixed with Propower Eyeliner Sealer to create a golden eyeliner. 

Depending on the look you’re going for, you can control the intensity of the product depending on the way you apply it. Oh, and it also comes in 6 other shades if Starlight doesn't float your boat.

If you want quite an intense, full-glam, metallic finish, apply Starlight with a damp flat brush. If you’re looking for medium intensity, apply with a dry flat brush. If you’re keen for a soft, natural glow, apply the loose pigment with a blending brush

But not only is this product beautiful on the eye, it will leave your cheekbones glowing too. You can easily use this product as a highlighter on the cheekbone, brow bone and cupids bow. 

I'm Not The Only One That Loves It...

Great pigment and long lasting


There is a great pigment in these products and they wear well and last all night. Love the Starlight shade - I use it as a highlighter in the corner of my eyes. It's such a fine powder that a little bit goes such a long way. I've literally had one pot for years and I haven't run out yet. I find it easier to apply it with my finger tip as its loose it can fall out on a dry brush.



Love the star light shade - I use it as a highlighter in the corner of my eye & on my cheeks for that extra needed glow. The shade is amazing & it is a perfect colour for that fresh summery glow look

Best glitters!


I love these glitters! They have so much pigment when you pack them on and you don’t even need to use a glitter glue! Star Light is my all time favourite colour as it’s the perfect champagne and goes with any look.

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