Lost Your Lashes? This Will Save The Day

If you’ve ever had a lash emergency, you’ll understand how devastating bald eyelids can be. Whether it be from a lash perm gone wrong or a few too many extension refills without a break, losing your beloved lashes isn’t fun.

And since desperate times call for desperate measures, I’m introducing you to the LASHFOOD Eyelash Enhancer Serum. But this product isn’t just for those who’ve had a lash emergency, it’s for anyone who wants to thicken or lengthen their natural lashes too.





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Tell Me More:

LASHFOOD is a natural growth serum that delivers visible results after just 4 weeks – plus, it can be used with eyelash extensions to support the health of your natural lashes.

– This easy-to-use serum adds length & thickness while strengthening lashes

– It contains natural & organic plant extracts, and it’s vegan-friendly

– You’ll notice visible results in 4 weeks (and full results after 4 months)

LASHFOOD can extend the bond life of your lash extensions

– The formula is gentle on sensitive skin & eyes

– Simply apply it at night over the upper lash line before bed

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What’s In It?

Phyto-Medic Complexa patented blend of herbal extracts that have been demonstrated to boost lash growth & prevent hair loss

Rice Protein: strengthens and expands lash follicles, to create thicker and stronger lashes

Arginine: an essential amino acid that helps support hair growth

Soy Protein: a naturally-derived protein that strengthens and conditions lashes

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The Results:

The most important part, right? You want to know this stuff actually works. Well, results from a 4-week clinical trial are pretty convincing if you ask me:

– 85% of users noticed an improvement in eyelash fullness

– 100% of users noticed an improvement in eyelash length

– 100% of users noticed an improvement in eyelash thickness

Oh, and there’s a BROWFOOD version too for those of you who’ve overplucked or are trying to grow out their brows.

But what about real-life customers? Let’s see what the verdict is:

★★★★★ My lashes are brought back to life! – Sarah

“I’ve been wearing eyelash extensions for over a year now. My lash tech told me I needed to take a break but I couldn’t let go. She recommended LASHFOOD to me and I am so glad she did! My lashes are longer AND stronger. I’ve been using the same bottle for 4 months now, I’m surprised there’s still some juice left in it.”

★★★★★ So happy with this – Ava

“Huge believer in this lash enhancer. I’ve been using this for 7 months now and absolutely love it. I used to get lash extensions all the time and when I had them removed I literally had no lashes. I was freaking out and wanted to find a somewhat natural solution to the problem. I found this and decided to try it and I’m SOOOO happy with the results. My lashes grew back quickly and now they feel so soft.”

★★★★★ It works – Laura

“I have been using the lash food enhancer for almost 3 weeks now and I see a huge improvement. Just this morning my husband said “your eyes look really pretty”, I believe he saw the difference in my lashes with mascara on. They are longer and fuller. I’m very happy with the product. I have sensitive skin and I had no problems at all with putting this close to my eyes.


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