Liberate your youth with YSL’s skincare range

Care for your skin and you’ll never have to rely on make-up to help you look youthful! Not caking it in cosmetics means that your complexion can breathe and let that natural, healthy glow shine through. Experience this freedom with Forever Youth Liberator skincare from Yves Saint Laurent.


The vital first step in a good regimen, YSL Forever Youth Liberator Cleansing Foam washes away the day’s grime. With its easy-lathering formulation, not only is your complexion left radiant and soft after each use, but there’s none of that uncomfortable ‘tight’ sensation that other cleansers can leave. Suitable for sensitive skin and make-up removal.


Help stimulate cell renewal, even out tone, and add radiance and hydration with YSL Forever Youth Liberator Serum. Containing a high concentration of glycanactif to boost anti-ageing processes within the skin, you’ll notice effects almost instantly. It’s also available in a creme, and for extra care around the eyes, try YSL Forever Youth Liberator Yeux Serum.


For a plump, youthful face, it’s all about the hydration! Give your complexion a much-needed drink with YSL Forever Youth Liberator Cream. Designed to tone, tighten and refresh, it glides onto the skin comfortably and is absorbed super fast. Choose Creme SPF 15 for added protection against the sun, Night Creme for use of an evening, or Eye Creme for care for your peepers.


When you need that extra oomph, opt for YSL Forever Youth Liberator Fluid SPF 15. Acting like a second skin, it coats your complexion in a satiny film to protect against sun damage and lock in hydration. It also aids in plumping out wrinkles and restoring that youthful glow to your face!

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