Is This The Strongest Toning Shampoo On The Market?

I’m banking on the fact that, if you are reading this and you’ve long been a blondie, you probably already know about this toning shampoo.

I’m a balayage brunette who struggles constantly with brassiness – and let me tell you, this sh*t is stronggg. When I say strong, I mean it will literally transform yellow tones into pearly white in one wash.

Anyway, I won’t keep you guessing – I’m talking about Fanola.


Fanola‘s range features highly potent toning products designed to effectively (and quickly) remove brassy, yellow tones from lightened hair. In my professional opinion, it’s probably one of the best on the market.

The No Yellow Shampoo is for light blondes or those with bleached hair – as the name suggests, it tones down any yellow for a cool icy finish. The No Orange Shampoo on the other hand, is for hair like mine that’s lightened on the ends. This one eliminates unwanted brassy, copper tones from the hair (which is a godsend for me!)

There are toning “masks” in the range, which can be used in conjunction or separately to the shampoos, but these aren’t conditioners. I’d recommend alternating with Fanola’s Nutri Care products as the No Yellow and No Orange can be pretty drying on their own.


I get it, you wanna know what makes Fanola different to every other blonde shampoo you’ve tried? Let me just say this: first-time users should only leave it on for 1 minute. If that’s not an effective purple shampoo, I don’t know what is.

The No Yellow formula contains ultra-potent violet pigments, while the No Orange has blue pigments to target the different undertones that come through in blonde and highlighted hair. Plus, it’s fairly easy to customise your ideal level of toning.

These salon-quality toning products are ideal for maintaining and extending your colour between salon visits.



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The Reviews:

★★★★★ Absolute favourite – Michelle

“This is my absolute favourite shampoo to get rid of brassiness and yellow in my bleached/balayage blonde hair. The pigment is extremely strong and it works it’s magic even if I leave it in for only a couple minutes. A little of this product goes a long way. There really is no need for any other purple shampoo because none really do compare.”

★★★★★ One of the best purple shampoos I’ve tried – Alexa

“I’ve been a few different shades of blonde, most recently ashy/platinum mix and this really does the trick – it brightens but also helps maintain the ash appearance. You can tell that it works because the shampoo is so heavily concentrated purple it leaves my hands that colour for the rest of my shower! Don’t worry it comes off but definitely worth the purchase.”

★★★★★ You will not regret it – Jaime

“If you have blonde hair and you are not using this shampoo, drop everything you’re doing and buy it right now. I am not kidding, you will never find a better purple shampoo (ESPECIALLY not for this price). It can dry your hair out, but as long as you use a good conditioner, you’ll never even notice a difference. Every week, after my good Fanola wash, I get compliments and people asking me if I just got my hair done.”


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