In 2019, I’ll Take More Risks With Makeup

This guest post is written by DJ, MTV Presenter, Author & Speaker, Flex.Mami (Lillian Ahenkan), check her out on Instagram here.

My affinity to dramatic makeup is comparable to a moth’s love for any and all light sources. The likelihood of me donning an unconventional look is as frequent as McDonalds’ “out of service” soft serve machine.

To be fair, I understand the aversion to wild makeup. Mastering the basics is hard enough, but adding in the wildcard element of colour and texture increases your room for error. But hello, it’s 2019, progression is the priority, so I’ve decided to show you a few simple (almost failsafe) ways to take makeup risks that will pay off this year.

Risk #1: Switch Up Your Eyeshadow Placement

Yes, we all know the traditional formula of placing matte eyeshadows in the crease, shimmer on the lid and a sheen on the brow bone – but that can be complicated and boring. Forget the rules and try these tips on for size, and for the best results, use something longlasting and pigmented like the Make Up For Ever Artist Colour Shadow.

1. Pop a dash of colour in your inner corner. A wash over the lid can be intimidating but this is the perfect middle ground. I find blue, purple, pink and green looks spectacular.

2. Leave the lid bare and pop colour on your lower lashline

3. If you’re feeling brave, a dollop of shadow where you lower lashline meets your cheek is very kawaii

Risk #2: Coloured Mascara

I know you’re probably getting really triggering flashbacks from your childhood, but trust me, coloured mascara is WEARABLE AGAIN. On the contrary, I totally understand if you don’t believe me but when luxury designer houses like Yves Saint Laurent have dipped their toes into the trend, it starts to look promising. If you’re feeling brave, fun and expensive take a risk with their Vinyl Couture Mascara.

1. Dodge the Flash Dance moment and apply the colour on your bottom lashes only.

2. Take your time, apply neatly and make sure your lashes are separated.

3. Keep your lid bare for a big, but very tasteful WOW moment.

Risk #3: Clashing Colours

Now, this is the big kahuna, the full flex brazen moment, risks on top of risks. Yes, we’re talking clashing colours, baby! Traditionally we’re told to keep our makeup colour choices in the same family i.e. nude eye, nude lip or warm toned eye with warm toned lip. While that is fail-safe, it’s not always fun or inspiring.

The next time you’re popping on a face, dodge the urge to keep it simple and instead – CLASH. Here are some tips that can help you do this:

1. Trade in a super bright matte lip for a more muted balm like the Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick.

2. Spritz M.A.C’s Prep + Prime Fix+ Shimmer onto your shade brush to intensify the colour payoff of bold hues and shimmers.

3. Don’t be afraid to mix metals either with ICONIC London’s Loose Pigment Palette – you can pair golds with bronzes and play around with placement.


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