Aluminium Free Deodorant That Actually Works

As someone who’s ultra paranoid about smelling clean and fresh, I have been very hesitant to use a natural deodorant fearing it wouldn’t do the job.

I’ve gone from using a very strong antiperspirant deodorant, to an all-natural, aluminium-free alternative by Lavanila. So what have I learnt in the last few weeks?


What’s So Good About Natural Deodorant?

Sweating is a vital bodily function responsible for controlling our body temperature. Perspiration also plays a minor but important role in ridding out bodies of certain toxins.

Traditional antiperspirants use an aluminium-based active ingredient to counteract body odour and prevent excessive sweating, temporarily disabling the function of our sweat glands, which inhibits the body’s natural waste removal processes.

But nobody wants to smell, do they? So if you’re going to go natural, it has to do the job just like your usual deodorant.

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Why You’ll Love Lavanila:

– Available in 7 amazing scents (my fave is Vanilla Coconut)

– Packed with pure essential oils & antioxidants

– Delivers superior, long-lasting odour protection

– Allows toxins to leave the body, without the unfavourable odour of sweat

– Free from aluminium, parabens, propylene glycol & other chemicals

– Great for sensitive skin types

– Ultra-hydrating and soothing for sensitive underarm skin

– Applies sheer, dries immediately & doesn’t stain clothing

– Clinically tested & dermatologist recommended

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What You Need To Know:

When making the switch to natural deodorant, your body may need 2-4 weeks to adjust. When you discontinue use of chemical deodorant and allow your body to sweat, as it should, your body goes through the process of ridding itself of built up bacteria.

During this “detox” phase, you may think your natural deodorant isn’t working, but in fact, your body is just getting used to it (trust me, I’ve been there – give your body a month).

So, What Was My Verdict?

I never thought I’d be a natural deodorant person; I’ve tried a few in the past that didn’t quite cut it. After trying Lavanila’s Healthy Deodorant in Vanilla Coconut, I’ve actually thrown out my usual antiperspirant.

Yes, my body did go through a detox process and I thought this product wasn’t going to work for me. But after 3 weeks, I’ve now adjusted and get to the end of most days without any odour at all (except for the beautiful Vanilla Coconut scent, which smells like a holiday).

If you’re a little unsure about how it might work for you, there are mini sizes available which might be a good starting point, or buy the one I’m using here.

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What’s Everyone Saying About It?

★★★★★ Fresh and Clean  Shanthi

“I didn’t think I would love this as much as I do. The scent isn’t really Vanilla-like, (I kept thinking of Vanilla essence that you put in cakes and muffins). Instead, it’s a clean, fresh scent that is slightly sweet. I use this everyday and find it is much gentler on my skin. This is now my preferred deodorant and I love that it’s not tested on animals.”

★★★★★ Works Sarah

“I’ve recently turned to natural deodorants, and this one is one of the best I’ve tried. It has an incredible fresh scent and is easily applied with the roll on application. I love that it also comes in a handy mini size for your bag. Cute!”

★★★★★ My best reliable Gym Partner!!!  Nirali

“I usually go to gym or for a run every day. I usually use an aluminium antiperspirant, but it doesn’t last well on me. I was asked to try this natural deodorant, and after trying it it left me pleasantly surprised!!! I haven’t noticed any body odour since using this product. I am hooked totally to this deodorant stick. It smells so fresh! I love to put it on after each shower. It is travel friendly too… A great discovery!”


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