I Really Didn’t Expect To Like This Vegan Mascara…

Nothing against vegans or anything, I’ve just tried a few natural, organic and vegan mascaras in my time that haven’t impressed me all that much.

So when Inika’s Bold Lash Mascara landed on my desk, I wasn’t expecting it to shoot to the top of my favourite mascaras list. As it turns out, it did just that.

Tell Me More:

I’ll admit, this sat on my desk for a couple of days until I overheard another team member raving about it. Upon inspecting her lashes up close, I threw it in my bag to take home and try the next day.

– It’s a vegan, cruelty-free formula that amplifies & volumises

– Gives the lashes a bold, full finish with no clumping or spidery-ness

– The richly pigmented formula comes in black & brown

– Enriched with nourishing oils & extracts to condition the lashes

– It has a buildable formula which leaves lashes defined & separated

– The large brush is ideal for volumising & coating every lash

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What’s In It?

ICYMI, this formula is certified vegan and cruelty-free, and contains natural and organic ingredients. Certified organic Magnolia Bark, Vitamin E and Sunflower Oil work together to nourish, strengthen and condition the lashes.

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The Result:

The thing that impressed me about this mascara was how buildable the formula is. I’ve never come across a mascara that doesn’t clump my lashes together after 2-3 coats – and it actually leaves them feeling soft not stiff.

Inika’s Bold Lash Mascara feels like it was made for my particular lashes. It lengthens, separates and coats my lashes perfectly, while also adding much-needed volume. And as for spidery lashes, they’re a thing of the past.


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