“I Never Thought I’d Love A Hair Product This Much”

The biggest benefit of being my friend is that I can’t try everything. So, if I think a product would be perfect for someone else’s skin or hair, I like to pass it on to them to try so I can get their feedback.

In this case, I gave one of my best friends a sample of a hair product after she’d coloured her hair for the first time and it was feeling dry and brittle. A couple of months later, she repurchased it, which surprised me a little because she’s not into beauty in the slightest (she didn’t own a blush until recently).

So I asked her to tell me exactly why she’s become obsessed with Aveda’s Daily Colour Protect.

Firstly, The Verdict:

“I started using Aveda Daily Colour Protect about 6 months ago after I first began colouring my hair. My hair was feeling extremely dry, brittle and hard to style, thanks to colour damage on top of my normal frizzy texture.

I can honestly say that I was blown away when I saw results INSTANTLY after applying this treatment post hair wash. Not only did my mane feel so much softer and a lot more manageable, but the thing I love most about the treatment is how much it intensifies the richness of my current colour, and you only need a small amount so the tube lasts for months.

I of course noticed and was LOVING the effects of the treatment, but I knew it is was my new go-to when even some of my colleagues and gym buddies were stopping me to compliment me on how healthy my locks were looking. I’ll be using this product for life.”

Tell Me More:

Okay, now that you know the verdict, let’s get into the details so you know what this product actually is. I recommend using a 10 cent piece amount in damp hair before styling or leaving to air dry.

– It’s a leave-in treatment cream suitable for all hair types

– The formula intensifies colour radiance & helps to preserve it between appointments

– It’s really lightweight & doesn’t leave behind residue on the hair

Daily Colour Protect seals & smooths the hair cuticle for increased shine

– Antioxidant green tea helps protect against environmental damage

– Leaves the hair feeling softer, healthier & more manageable

– It’s made from 93% naturally derived ingredients & it’s cruelty-free

– Fragranced with Aveda’s signature scent of lavender, geranium & grapefruit

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The Other Reviews…

★★★★★ Hydrating & light – Beauty Bee

“This leave-in conditioner is smoothing and hydrating, yet it is still quite light! It’s a light gel-cream, which absorbs into the hair nicely. It doesn’t stick hair strands together (I hate it when leave-in treatments/conditioners do that) and doesn’t flatten my fine hair. It has a herbal scent, but it’s very subtle. Great product.”

★★★★★ Worth every penny – Tanna

“This product was suggested to me by my colourist because I use red/violet in my hair and I absolutely love it! It definitely helps to preserve the colour a little bit longer even with washing, blow drying and straightening it almost every day in the summer. It is definitely worth every penny if you are trying to make your colour last a little bit longer between appointments.”

★★★★★ This protected my red hair! – Ariel

“I used to box dye my year a few years ago, and I walked into a salon and they used Aveda, and told me to use this leave-in treatment and my hair colour will last weeks longer and I would only have to touch up the roots… My god it that true! I swear by this stuff.”


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