How-To: Banish Split Ends Almost Instantly

Joanna Fleming

If a decent chop at the hairdresser is something you avoid at all costs, I’m assuming you’ve probably got some split ends and maybe a bit of breakage too. These concerns are often tell-tale signs of colour-treated, heat-damaged, dry tresses – so what can we do to fix split ends without cutting our hair? Say hello to Oribe’s Split End Seal.


Tell Me More:

– This magical seal can repair up to 94% of split ends after just one use!

– It’s a silkening hair serum & split-end mender

– Contains a polymer blend which bonds split ends together & prevents damage

– Ideal for damaged, dry hair in need of repair

– Multi-UV Protection shields the hair from UV exposure & damage

– Clinically proven to restore, fortify & preserve the hair

– Can reduce breakage by up to 65%

– Fight colour fading to reveal healthy, vibrant & glossy locks

– Suitable for all hair types, including coloured & keratin-treated hair

– Formulated without parabens & sodium chloride

– Beautifully fragranced with Oribe’s signature scent

Pro Tip: Distribute evenly through damp hair before styling as usual. This serum can also be used on dry hair to smooth ends.

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Before  |  After 

Tamara trialled Oribe’s Split End Seal and has noticed an overall improvement in the condition of her ends, especially added smoothness.


The Ingredients:

Watermelon, Lychee & Edelweiss Flower Extracts: defend the hair from oxidative stress, photoaging and the deterioration of natural keratin, while protecting the hair environmental damage.

Carob Tree Extract: forms an amino acid matrix that adheres to the hair shaft & cuticle to mend & strengthen.

Heat-Activated Vegetable Protein: protects against drying & damage from styling stress.

Artichoke Leaf Extract: seals the hair cuticle to protect against environmental aggressors that can weaken hair

Olive Oil & Jojoba Oil: provide sheer, weightless shine

Mirabelle Plum Oil, Moringa Seed Oil & Baobab Oil: add shine & provide antioxidant protection


What’s Everyone Saying?

★★★★★ Luxe – Florence

“Oribe is such a luxury brand and can do no wrong in my eyes! I love using this on damp hair on the ends of my hair. I purchased this at my hair salon after my hair dresser told me I really needed to take care of my split ends. It smells amazing and doesn’t weigh your hair down.”

★★★★★ Love this! – Kayla

“I’ve been using it for a couple months now and can honestly tell a difference- way less split ends and fly aways! Bonus…it smells fantastic! I have fine hair and it doesn’t weigh it down or make it greasy at all like other products I’ve tried.”

★★★★★ Healthier – Savannah

“I have very long, colored, fine hair with many split ends. No product is going to take away split ends, but some help make them look less noticeable. I do find that this product helps make my ends look healthier. It doesn’t dry out my hair or make it look oily. I use about a dime sized amount on damp hair (mostly my ends), but I’ve also used a little on dry hair as well. I love the scent, but all of Oribe’s products smell great! Overall, I would recommend trying this product if you’re looking for something to help make your ends look a bit healthier.”

★★★★★ Amazing product – Elsie

“I am a hair dresser and have used countless split end sealers. This is hands down my favorite. The smell is so good I would use it just for that, but it really does seal down the split and prevent it from splitting further. Keep in mind if your hair is frizzy/dry and you’re looking to fix that with a serum, this is not the product for you. This is meant just for the ends of the hair , and use it sparingly!”

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Joanna Fleming

Joanna Fleming

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