How-To: Apply Blush To Flatter Your Face Shape

If you thought you were applying blush correctly, you might not be!

Your face shape actually plays a big role in how you apply makeup. Our resident makeup artist, Vanessa walks us through how to apply your blush to compliment your face shape.

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If you have a round face, avoid apply blush to the apple of your cheeks. You want to sweep the product up the contour of the face, to the temples. This will add more definition to your cheeks.

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If you have a heart-shaped face, you’ll likely have a wider forehead and higher cheekbones which taper down to your chin. As your cheeks are naturally highlighted, just lightly sweep your blush starting from your hairline directly under your temple, across to the apples of your cheeks.

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An oval face is a combination of a heart-shaped and round, and is often more elongated. Keep the blush on the cheekbones and avoid pulling the product up to the temple area, as this will make your face look longer.

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With square faces, you want to apply your blush to the apples of your cheeks, and sweep the excess product to your temple area. This will help soften the jawline, which can look much more pronounced in square face shapes.

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