How I’m Reaching My Long Hair Goals (Without Extensions)

I chopped off my long hair about 6 months ago now, so of course I’ve been looking back at old photos wondering if I should grow my hair again or cut it even shorter. Who else has a group chat going with their friends about this exact topic?

Because I’m so indecisive on this pressing issue, I decided to observe Vydia Rishie‘s hair-growing journey before starting Kérastase’s Resistance Extentioniste routine myself (just wait til you see her before and afters…)


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What’s In The Range?

This brand new hair training program, I guess you’d call it, has been specifically formulated to encourage the growth of long, healthy hair. This regime includes four products: a shampoo and conditioner, plus a masque and serum.

– Resistance Extentioniste works to encourage healthy hair growth

– The products stimulate the scalp, detangle the lengths & repair the hair fibre

– They help to strengthen heat damaged & chemically-afflicted hair

– The regime prevents future breakage with a blend of repairing ingredients

– Restores & improves the condition of the hair cuticle

– Packed with ceramides to soften the hair & taurine to protect the fibre

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Let’s Get To The Results:

Vydia Rishie was lucky enough to be one of the first in Australia to test out Kérastase’s new Resistance Extentioniste regime – this is her verdict.

“It’s not until you dye your hair from black to blonde that you realise how good you had it with fresh, perfectly healthy virgin hair. But let’s be real, dying your hair, styling it with hot tools and having it back-combed by hair/make-up artists is way more fun. But as always, it comes at a price, and as a Creative Director and Stylist constantly in front of the camera, that price came in form of damaged, thinned out and lack-lustre hair. Cue damage control.

I’ve been super lucky to be chosen to test out the new Kérastase Resistance Extenioniste Range.

The results? For me – less breakage, less split ends (leading to that lush hair look), thicker hair (my friends and family thought I was wearing extensions!) and most importantly my hair grew 5cm over 2 months! My before and after definitely speaks for itself.


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So will I be using the Kérastase Resistance Extentioniste regime on my own hair? Truth is, I couldn’t get these products in my shopping cart quick enough. Long hair, here we come!

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