How Dancing Could Change You, According To A Life Coach

This guest post was written by life coach, motivational speaker and meditation guide, Kat John. Find out more about Kat here.

I was once a victim to giving a sh*t what other people thought of me. I wanted people to like and approve of me and I did what it took for that to happen. Fitting in was a hobby because I needed that hit of validation. But as you may know, that hit doesn’t last long.

Deep down I wanted a way out of this, but I was stuck. I’d lost connection to myself and knew it was time to pave a new way forward and take action towards what would make my soul sing, rather than diminish it. That right there, was a real resolution. 

How Dancing Changed My Path:

2014 was the year of, “find Kat, be Kat” – what I loved, what I wanted to do more of, who I was beneath the sh*t, etc. Along that road, someone told me about a dance class called 5Rhythms, not your average class I assure you. It was two hours of free dancing in a room filled with strangers moving however they liked. Well f**k me, I was nervous. 

Thoughts raced in my head like, “you’re going to look like a d*ck, you should’ve practiced in the mirror to make sure you look good!” – you know, those uber helpful thoughts? 

After fighting the mental demons I said to myself, “FK IT!” and started moving my body to the music however I liked. The thoughts were still there but I was caring less and less, getting lost in the music and rocked out my inner Goddess. Move by move, song by song, I was freeing my sh*t in a safe, constructive and fun way, loving every minute of it!

Week after week I went back, caring less about what people thought, finding comfort in my skin, not needing to impress and felt an indescribable freedom inside my soul. This transferred to everyday life and the chameleon act was slowly fading. And in return, my soul started to sing. 





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Two things occurred in this transformation…

A real resolution was set. One that was deeply personal and set me on a path to bring life back to my soul, leaving less room for people-pleasing behaviour. 

Movement was a major catalyst to overriding the negative self-talk, changing my emotional and mental state. I could freely release aggressiveness and vulnerability, emotions and anxieties, whilst having fun.





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So What Next?

Tony Robbins bangs on about “motion creates emotion” and damn straight it does! We base our behaviours and actions on our thoughts and how we feel. Movement is one powerful tool to shift stuck thoughts or emotions and create an empowered state for yourself. 

So… if you’re feeling stuck, lethargic, overwhelmed, lost or hopeless, I encourage you to…

1. Close your bedroom door and ask not to be disturbed for 20 minutes.

2. Pump up the tunes to your favourite songs.

3. Move your body and free your sh*t in a safe, constructive and fun way. 

4. And lastly, check in with those resolutions you’ve set this year and ensure they are in favour of lighting up your soul.

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