Here’s What You Didn’t Know About The World’s Smartest Hairdryer

Not gonna lie, I’m seriously late to the Dyson Supersonic party. Up until last week, I hadn’t even tried it.

Of course I’d heard everyone rave about it since it launched a couple of years ago, but I don’t usually cave in to the hype until I’ve actually tried something myself.


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So, What Was My First Impression?

It’s not very often I experience a jaw-drop moment with a product. In this case, I was speechless. Seriously. I’ll never question the price of this thing ever again – it’s worth every cent.

I had a really good hairdryer at home already, but the Supersonic is on another level that I didn’t know existed.

Usually after drying my hair, my colour-treated ends are boofy, frizzy and really knotty. After using the Dyson Supersonic, my hair is incredibly silky, smooth and straight with zero frizz and no knots. It’s also really light and comfortable to manoeuvre, and it’s so much quieter.


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What Makes The Supersonic Special?

The first of its kind, the Supersonic is essentially a ‘smart’ hairdryer. Clever design, advanced engineering and unparalleled technology combine to give you the best blowdry of your life.

– It features a digital motor that measures air temperature 20 times per second

– Prevents heat damage by regulating the temperature at or below 100°C

– Dries the hair in record time with an airflow speed of 105mph

– The acoustic motor allows for significantly quieter drying (I can vouch for that!)

– The ergonomic handle makes it extremely comfortable to use (amazing for stylists)

– Magnetic double insulated nozzles easily attach/detach & don’t overheat

– There are three speed settings & four heat settings for optimal styling

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Why It’s Better For Your Hair:

Dyson says damage to the hair begins at around 150°C – which is exactly why they designed the Supersonic to perform without the extreme heat.

It has three speed settings: fast drying, regular drying or styling; and four heat settings: 100°C for fast drying and styling, 80°C for regular drying, 60°C for gentle drying, and 28°C for constant cold. These settings allow you to defend your hair from damage caused by unnecessary levels of heat.

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What’s Everyone Else Saying?

★★★★★ I love my Dyson – Yolanda

“This is the absolute best hair dryer I’ve ever owned. It makes blow drying my hair a breeze. I think I’ll use this hair dryer forever. It’s so innovative and sleek. I can’t say enough good things about this product. It’s expensive but it’s absolutely worth it.”

★★★★★ So quiet! Sheryl

“Love this hair dryer because it is so quiet and doesn’t make the horrible noise of a normal hair dryer. It dries my hair quickly and doesn’t get hot and burn my scalp when I hold it in one spot for too long like my old hair dryer. The attachments are magnetic which just makes life so much easier to quickly snap them on! Love it!”

★★★★★ Worth it – Makayla

“This blow dryer is expensive but well worth the money. When I use it leaves my hair feeling soft, sleek, and smooth. It doesn’t tangle my hair like other hair dryers often do. It is a wonderful product that should be splurged on if you have the extra money lying around.”

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