Have You Heard About The Soap Trick?

This isn’t a new thing for those in the beauty world. But for anyone who doesn’t regularly watch makeup tutorials, or follow beauty bloggers, soap may not be the first thing that comes to mind when doing your brows.

Professional makeup artists have been using this little trick for years now to create feathery, brushed-up brows that actually stay put – so when I was skimming through Instagram and I spotted @alexsteinherr documenting @nikki_makeup doing her brows with soap, I had to talk about it.


Tell Me More:

The thing that struck me about Nikki’s technique was that she was using Dr Bronner’s Castile Bar Soap in Rose. And it doesn’t need to stop at brows – you can use this soap for a whole manner of things.

But this isn’t just any soap, Dr Bronner’s is famous for their commitment to organic and sustainable practices when it comes to their products.

– It’s certified fair trade and made with organic ingredients

– Contains hemp, coconut & olive oils with a sweet, floral fragrance

– The vegetable-based formula is vegan-friendly & completely biodegradable

– Lathers up richly for gentle & effective cleansing without drying out the skin

– Can be used to style brows or cleanse the body, face or hair

– Available in 11 different fragrances including lavender & green tea

★★★★★ Beautiful rose – Amanda

“Love this soap. It’s gentle, smells great and makes your hands feel really cleansed afterwards. Quite a big bar too, so it’s lasted me a while.”

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So How Do I Use It For My Brows?

I personally love really full, feathery brows. The good thing about this little trick, is that even if your brows are on the thinner side, you can create the illusion of them being full and fluffy – without even needing to fill them in.

To start, you want to take a clean spoolie brush (or you can use a disposable mascara wand), and run it under warm water. Flick off the excess water, and rub the spoolie horizontally across the bar of soap. You’ll notice the waxy formula of the soap picking up on the brush.

Then use your spoolie to brush your brows in an upward and outward direction until you’ve achieved your desired look. You can also add a pencil or tinted gel for more definition if you need it.


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