All The Silk Accessories Designed To Give You Better Hair

As a Beauty Editor, I'm privy to a lot of gimmicky things in the beauty world (I'm looking at you, at-home microdermabrasion machines). So when something that sounds gimmicky actually turns out to be worth the hype, I usually like to talk about it *see my TED Talk on LED light therapy*.

In this instance, I'm talking about silk. Yep, that material that's been around for centuries. While Ancient Chinese emperors were onto it a long time before us, those of us in the beauty industry have really only become obsessed with silk in the last 5 years.

Why Is Silk Good For Your Hair?

Especially beneficial for damaged and frizzy hair types, the softness of the silk (in the form of a pillowcase) allows your hair to glide across your pillow during the night, helping to reduce pulling and breakage. It can also prolong the style of your hair, especially a blow wave, and controls 'bed hair' in more unmanageable hair types.

Now, what about tying up your hair? Using a regular hair tie can cause friction and tension on the hair, which especially on fragile, dry and damaged hair can cause extensive breakage. That's where silk comes in again, this time in the form of a hair tie.

The Silk Accessories Worth Investing In

It might seem a little strange to wear something on your head while you sleep, but this Silke London hair wrap sure has its benefits. Made from 100% pure mulberry silk, the hair wrap helps to protect hair against breakage and split ends caused by friction, preserves styles overnight, and prevents frizz.

Also made from 100% mulberry silk, this pillowcase not only helps to reduce face creases, it also helps to minimise hair breakage and frizziness. It has a zip closure (the BEST part), and comfortably fits standard queen and king size pillows. Oh, and this pillowcase looks good, too - it comes in a variety of colours, my fave being pink!

You guessed it - silk again! These bougie hair ties effortlessly glide onto hair to secure it in place, eliminating snapping, kinks and damage while still looking stylish and feeling comfortable. With a 100% pure mulberry silk exterior and carefully selected super-strength elastic interior, these bands will keep hair of all types securely held without pulling, tugging or breaking.

This silk-lined shower cap helps to reduce the effect of steam and humidity on the hair, while keeping the hair smooth, frizz-free and non-static. It can help to preserve hair styles for longer and naturally regulates temperature inside the cap. The outer is water-resistant and has a soft touch elasticated opening, and the sizing is generous enough to be able to tie your hair up inside.

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