Fragrance As Fashion: Finding Your Style

It’s not easy to find the perfect fragrance online. I totally get it, fragrance is a sensorial experience, something you would traditionally experiment with in person. But it’s not the dark ages and we’ve come so far when it comes to shopping online. So where do you start, and how do you navigate fragrance notes if you’re not a fragrance connoisseur?

If you’re someone who reads “top notes of basil, with heart notes of rosemary and base notes of vanilla,” and wonders if you’re reading about a fine wine or the entree to a degustation menu, then keep reading.


There is no denying that fragrance is personal, after all, a scent that lingers has the power to paint a picture of the person you are, leaving behind a statement as potent as a first impression. So what else do you use to paint your persona, if not fashion? It’s a simple, daily ritual you perform each morning or before an event. You stand in front of your closet and decide on the person you feel like being on that day; dark and moody; glamorous and chic; feminine and fun. Let’s delve into the world of fragrance as fashion. I promise you’ll be that little bit closer to being a fragrance connoisseur once we’re done!


Pictured above: the bold scents of Helmut Lang and MEMO Paris

If you love to be daring and fearless by chasing bold prints and statement jewellery, you may find yourself drawn to a fragrance with a little more punch! If you play with a style that is adventurous and striking because you love to be seen and heard, then look no further than the below fragrances. They’ll be the icing on the cake, your pièce de résistance! Use the following guide to better understand the strength of each perfume.

Recommendations: (0 = light and airy, 10 = deep, powerful)


Above: Keep it fresh with Oribe, CLEAN Reserve and CREED

However, if you’re someone who loves a crisp white shirt paired with indigo jeans and an understated leather sandal, you may find yourself a lover of fragrances that are fresh and slightly androgynous. The clean lines of your clothing match perfectly with the crisp notes in the below fragrances.

Recommendations: (0 = light and airy, 10 = deep, powerful)

Fragrances that are the equivalent of a crisp white shirt.


Feeling floral with Penhaligons, Amouage and Parfums de Marly

So you like a little frill? Some lace accents to throw off a softness you won’t find in a black blazer. You love to experiment with pastel hues of pink sorbet and baby blue. You tend to look for floral fragrances that add the finishing touches to a floaty, summer dress. Then enjoy perusing the below delightful scents.

(0 = light and airy, 10 = deep, powerful)

Recommendations: (0 = light and airy, 10 = deep, powerful)

Soft pink suede vibes

Are you feeling more knowledgeable in the fragrance department? If you’re still a little cautious of taking the plunge, know that every luxury fragrance housed in The Scent Room comes accompanied by a fragrance vial tester, so if it’s not true love, you can return the unopened full-sized fragrance, free of charge.

What are you waiting for? Get styling!

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