Finding Your Brow Shade Is Now Easier Than Ever

In a game of word association, I certainly know which brand would come to mind if I was given the word brows. Any guesses?

Duh, Benefit of course. The worldwide queens of brows know exactly how to keep yours fleekin’, which is why they’ve just expanded the shades of their best-selling brow range.

Have You Found Your Shade Yet?

Previously only available in three shades to cover fair, medium and deep brows, the newly formulated Gimme Brow+ now boasts a line-up of eight shades. Yes, eight. And other fan faves like Precisely, My Brow Pencil and Ka-Brow! are also adding an additional two shades to their portfolio.

The shade collection now consists of two light shades (1 & 2), four medium shades (3, 3.5, 4, 4.5) and two deep shades (5 & 6). Can you find your brow match below?


Which Product Is Right For You?

If you’ve never dabbled in Benefit’s world famous brow range, you might be wondering how you’re going to navigate all these products. So I’m going to give you a brief insight into three of my fave products that I personally use, so you can decide which one might be right for you.

Gimme Brow+

This is an absolute must-have for all brows in my opinion. I always have a Gimme Brow+ in my makeup bag without fail.

– It’s a tinted brow gel that allows you to brush brows into place

– Tiny microfibres help create the illusion of thicker, fuller brows

– Minimises gaps & sparse areas while adding dimension & volume

★★★★★ The perfect brow product – Liv

“I am not sure how to express how much I love this product. The wait while they redeveloped it felt like forever. I buy it in the colour Deep which I find helps fill in some missing areas on my brows better than anything else. I also find the product goes a long way even if you are using it everyday. It is absolutely perfect!”

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Goof Proof Brow Pencil

True to its name, Goof Proof really is so simple to use – I especially love the tip on this pencil, it makes it so easy to blend through the brows.

– The creamy formula glides on without that scratchy pencil feeling

– Angled tip allows for short, light strokes that mimic natural brow hairs

– The natural finish blends in with brow hairs for effortlessly defined brows

★★★★★ I’m addicted!  Kathryn

“I have always settled with brow pencils, and the colours have never been quite right. However, I LOVE this pencil. The colour matches my brows perfectly, there is a decent amount of product included, and it really is goof proof – even a rushed brow job looks great! I love the angled tip.”

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Now, Ka-Brow! is my go-to for creating bold brows, or adding much-needed definition and shape to fair brows.

– It’s a richly pigmented pomade formula that adds colour, shape & structure

– The pigment grips brow hairs for a long-lasting look

– Comes with an angled brush that allows you to customise your strokes

★★★★★ Best brow product on the market! Madee

“Benefit always amaze me with their products but this one is my absolute favourite. Ka-Brow is the best best priced pomade on the market and has the best consistency! The little jar with brush makes it so easy too and great to take on the go… Even if you aren’t the best at brows – this is really easy to learn!”

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