Exactly What A 2AM Kiss Smells Like

I may not know much about love, relationships or commitment… but 2AM kisses? That’s something I can write about.

When one of our newest fragrances, Derek Lam’s 2AM Kiss, recently launched at Adore Beauty, I knew I was the right person to review it. As fate would have it, when this fragrance arrived on my desk, I had a sinus infection, so I decided to play a little game of word association first before testing it out.

2AM kisses… hmmm… New York. Downtown. A cobblestone street. A basement bar. A bottle of red wine. A subway ride. Brooklyn. His rooftop. The Manhattan skyline. A 2AM kiss.

Okay, that was less a game of word association and more a summary of the most romantic first date I’ve ever been on. Basically, it was all of my Carrie Bradshaw fantasies coming true in one night, except it was Brooklyn. Close enough, right?

When I posted a photo of the fragrance to my Instagram, these were some of the words that came to the minds of my friends:  “stale beer”, “cigarettes” and “belligerence”. Clearly, they’ve had different 2AM kiss experiences to me.

About The Brand:

Derek Lam’s 10 Crosby is a collection of 10 scents, each inspired by scenes the designer witnessed from the window of his office at 10 Crosby Street, the downtown Manhattan location of his first flagship store.

Each fragrance is housed in a different-coloured glass bottle encased in crisp white, and with names such as “Blackout” and “Drunk on Youth” – I would describe the collection as youthful yet sophisticated.

2AM Kiss is a fiery red, and looks as sexy at it smells.

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Now To The Fragrance:

This fragrance is a big hit around Adore HQ. When I spritzed the fragrance in the face of my desk neighbour, she had two words: “hot man”. But what exactly does “hot man” actually smell like?

2AM Kiss is an oriental fragrance blending salted caramel, woody notes & amber

– It’s a gender-neutral fragrance that balances sweet & salty, masculine & feminine

– The notes of the fragrance can adjust depending on the body chemistry of the wearer

– It’s intoxicating & intense (if you like a subtle fragrance, this probably isn’t for you)

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The Options:

The best part about purchasing your fragrance via The Scent Room, is that when you purchase a full-size perfume, you receive a free sample vial to try before you open it, so if it’s not love at first smell, you can send it back.

For all you commitment-phobes out there, we have a Discovery Kit for $49, which means you can sample everything in Derek Lam’s 10 Crosby collection before choosing The One.

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