Every Frequent Flyer Needs This Mask In Their Carry-On

I used to be a very frequent flyer (to be honest, airline loyalty programs have made me a crazy person), so I’m all too familiar with the effects that regular travel has on your skin.

I’ve flown to Sydney and back twice over the last week (status credits, yew!) and even these short trips have left my skin feeling parched, so I added a new product to my post-flight routine – Lanolips Lano Face Base Aussie Flyer Mask.

What Is It?

It’s a natural, ultra-hydrating mask designed for sensitive or long-haul stressed skin to ease the signs of dull, travel-weary complexions. One of my absolute must-haves on flights is my Lanolips 101 Ointment, so trying the new Aussie Flyer Mask was a no-brainer.

– Helps to reboot dehydrated & dull skin with a dose of much-needed moisture

– It’s a transparent & non-greasy cream mask that absorbs quickly & easily

– Contains ingredients to nourish & awaken the skin at the same time

– This leave-on formula is pH balanced to soothe & rebalance the skin

– Designed for normal-dry skin types (plus it is suitable for sensitive skin)

– Can be used before, during & after flights to ease dehydration

– It’s Aussie made & owned and cruelty-free (lanolin is from sheep’s wool)

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What’s In It?

Lanolips Lano Face Base Aussie Flyer Mask is made from 99% natural ingredients, with lanolin as one of the hero ingredients (obvi). The molecular structure of lanolin closely resembles & mimics your skin’s natural oils, and acts as a moisture reservoir.

This mask also contains peppermint, ginger and caffeine to awaken the skin and help boost microcirculation, while shea butter, cocoa butter and vitamin E support hydration and protect against the elements.

PSA: while the Aussie Flyer Mask doesn’t contain any artificial fragrance, it does have quite a noticeable natural floral scent (which I like), but it’s worth noting for anyone adverse to strong-smelling products.

How To Use It:

Unlike the terrifying sheet masks I usually don on long haul flights, the Aussie Flyer Mask is completely transparent and doesn’t need to be removed. Oh, and it’s not strictly for flying – it’s great for super dry skins that suffer from dehydrating conditions in the winter months.

Simply lather on a generous layer of the leave-on formula and allow it to absorb for 10 minutes. If there’s any residue left over, you can pat the excess off or rub it in.

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