Ever Heard Of A Perfume Stick?

Nope, not a rollerball. I know that’s what you were imagining. This “perfume stick” is something new, and something different. Imagine a Chapstick, but bigger; add a really beautiful fragrance to it, plus sleek AF packaging and a balm-like texture. Now you have Derek Lam’s Parfum Stick.

Tell Me More:

Ugh, where do I even start? This is such a good invention, I can’t believe there aren’t more of these “perfume sticks” in circulation. I think I explained it pretty well above, but essentially it’s a solidified scented balm in a twist-up tube – got it?

Not only is the packaging of Derek Lam’s Parfum Stick innovative (not to mention travel-friendly, stylish and gender-neutral) but the actual fragrance of Rain Day is refreshing, airy and clean-smelling, with hints of what I like to call “hot man” notes.

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The Fragrance:

Rain Day also comes in a 50ml Eau de Parfum, but why would you want that when you can have it in a stick, right? That’s my motto, anyway.

It’s described as an oriental floral fragrance with fresh green notes – probably more accurate than my personal description above but fragrance is subjective, so take from that what you will.

Rain Day features woody, aromatic and green accords, with strong notes of Tunisian Neroli and Haitian Vetiver, which in my opinion smells like a (non-offensive) men’s aftershave, with an added touch of femininity.

The Final Word:

You’re probably already sensing that I quite enjoy this fragrance – I’m a sucker for a “hot man” smell, and Rain Day certainly comes to the party. Or if it doesn’t seem like your cup of tea, the Parfum Stick also comes in a fragrance called Blackout… I’ll leave it up to you to imagine what that smells like.

Now, I know buying a fragrance online and trusting my comprehensive review may seem a little impulsive when you haven’t actually smelled it yourself, so I wanted to point out the options:

1. You can snatch up the Rain Day Parfum Stick for under $50 (a bloody bargain)

2. Or you could back me in and go for the Rain Day 50ml EDP at $125 a pop if you prefer a traditional perfume

3. Or if you think I’m full of it, just grab the 10-piece Discovery Kit and make up your own mind

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The Reviews:

★★★★★ Would totally recommend – Danielle

“This has a musky smell but still feminine that I love. I’m not normally into deeper muskier smells but this is just too nice. Lasts all day and the scent doesn’t turn when mixing with your skin and sweat.”

★★★★★ One of my faves -Monique

“I always get compliments on this perfume especially from guys (more ’cause they want it for themselves). It’s very clean and crisp but has a masculine feel to it which I like. It’s unisex I wear it as a woman, it’s one of my faves.”

★★★★★ Fresh and clean – Samantha

“I have currently about 20 bottles of high end perfume and this by far beats them all. It’s so fresh and clean, not overly feminine. It lasts all day long. I’ve had the bottle for well over two years now, it’s still mostly full. It’s perfect for any season.”


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