Easy-peasy, beachy waves with NEW ghd arctic gold

Best way to achieve no-fuss beach waves? ghd has the answer! They teamed up with BOYBYHER to showcase the new arctic gold collection and create this effortless hairstyle.

The key is to kink the mid section of your hair and leaving the ends straight, using your curling wand. Here we have used the ghd creative curl wand to show you how you can achieve your best sea-inspired locks.

  • Section your hair into quarters
  • Starting from the back take small 2-3cm sections wrap the mid section of your hair around your tong or wand and hold for 7-10 seconds (leave the ends straight)

  • Throughout the back, change up the direction you are wrapping the hair and on both sides of the front take the curls back off the face.
  • Shake it out (just like T-Swizz)

  • If the curl is tighter than desired pull the hair tight and run the wand under the hair for about 3 seconds to help flatten it out.
  • Finish with a ghd final fix hair spray.

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